Motosport Aero Kit VII

Reviewed by: Gen Kibagami -

This is Motorsport's 7th aerokit for the Miata. It is a 5 piece package complete with a front air dam, side skirts, rear valance and decklid spoiler. The aerokit pieces are manufactured from fiberglass.

I had no real problems fitting the aerokit onto my '94 Miata. I pre-fitted the pieces onto the body and they fit fine without being forced or hanging loose off the body. I just wished that the pieces came with pre-drilled holes so I wouldnt have to guess where I had to apply my drill to on the Miata's body. ...But, I overcame problem. This was my first time installing aero pieces of any kind onto a car. Gotta admit, it was a pretty good job. comments? I LOVE this aerokit. The aerokit gives off a slick and aggressive look. It made my tame jellybean Mia into...kinda like a shark. There were many places where it made heads turn...I'm pretty sure that my Mia enjoyed the attention. But maybe it was just because of the additional Piaas, or my thin license plate that enhanced her looks though. Sure, there are some better looking, even monstrous looking aerokits available from Japan, but those are for sale at exhorbitant prices. The price that I paid for it ($799 or 899 US - I can't quite remember) was worth it. The aerokit also gives off the look of a lowered car without it actually being lowered. One last thing, make sure that the aerokit is accompanied by bigger, aesthetically complementing wheels. Such a nice aerokit paired up with 14inch stockers just doesn't make the Miata look right.