One Grand Blitz wax

[7/2/2001] Reviewed by: Don Naglich -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Pure carnauba wax

This is a pure wax, so there are no cleaners or other compounds in it. So, if you have road tar or other blemishes on the paint, this product will not take it out. You need a polish for that. One Grand makes a polish called Omega, but I already had a bottle of 3M Imperial Hand Glaze. I applied the glaze first, and this is important, applying and removing using linear strokes going lengthwise on my Miata. Do not use circular motion, as this will leave swirl marks. The 3M Imperial Hand glaze is somewhat hard to remove, but I have had much worse. If you have fine lines or swirls, using the 3M glaze with lengthwise application and removal will prepare the car for the Blitz wax. The shine is easily the best I have ever had on my car. Nothing else compares, in my opinion.

Make sure you use really, really clean applicators and towels. Otherwise, you will put marks in the paint from the grit!

Not an installed item

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