Performance Buyers' Classic Speedster Grill - Silver

[3/4/2000] Reviewed by David Heal -

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Ferrari-like, egg-crate style, silver, aluminum grill for front air intake. Attaches with two small self-tapping screws. Very easy to remove with only two hard-to-see screw holes left.

Quality was acceptable - a few runs in the powder coat paint but not too bad. Installation was relatively easy. I had an easier time installing the grill than some other commentors did - perhaps it fit better on my '91 or maybe my nosepiece was warmer and more pliable. I did use two long-reach C-clamps to help pull the grill into position, but they weren't really needed. I chose to keep my two Crazy Red driving lights and made a simple flat bracket for each to move them 1 1/4" straight back from their original mounting position. This worked our great because the lights now shine from behind the grill and look spiffy!

I like the look of the grill - it's different and if I imagine REAL HARD it's like driving an early Ferrari. I also installed the Classic Fuel Lid from Brainstorm - that worked out great as well.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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