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[7/19/2003] Reviewed by: Tony Fazzone -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

ProKote DK Diamond Kote a sealant that goes on the paint of the car. It seals,shines,and hardcoats the vehicle. It is excellent to protect new finishes, and on old finishes it regenerates discolored paint. This is all according to the bottle...Also it is made in Germany.

I was introduced to this product,ProKote DK-Diamond Kote in a car show in Tampa and was actually skeptic during the demos the salesman was doing. It amazed me even more what it had done to one of my own cars. I own a 93 red Miata that had the paint quite dull and was giong to have it repainted. I used the Prokote sealer product and now my paint looks like new. Ive been working with cars for over 20 years and have used other similar products, but this one really works.

I recommend this product to anyone with a car that wants to bring out the original color or luster. I am sure that on new cars it probably works even better. Try it for yourself and see, the company website is

Not an installed item

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