Racing Beat Type II Rear Wing

[6/13/2005] Reviewed by: Marc Pfleg -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Racing Beat Type II Rear Wing for 1999 Miata

The product arrived in a timely manner from Raven Wing Performance. Product was missing drill guides. I quick email to Raven Wing and I received a response and Racing Beat mailed the drill guides directly to me in a few days. Product cost $235. I took the spoiler to be painted and installed by an autobody shop that was familiar with Madza vehicles. The spoiler was preped and painted in a day. Then the drama began. The body shop was afraid to install the spoiler without further guidance from Racing Beat on where to place it on the rear deck. I had read previous reviews for Type I rear wings that people had the same problem. The body shop contacted Racing Beat direct and received no further guideance. I started to get really nervous and started to wish I bought the Mazda factory spoiler. I finally told the body shop to use their best judgement on where to install the spoiler since I could not find anything that gave me any better idea where to ! place the spoiler. The call came that my car was ready and I was REALLY nervous. However, when I picked up my car, the shop did such a great job that it looked like a factory install. I was then very glad that I went with the Racing Beat Type II Rear Wing. The look adds a certain flair to the Miata that the factory spoiler lacked. Even my wife (who was against a spoiler) was impressed with the look. I just wished that Racing Beat could provide more specific information regarding the correct placement of the spoiler. Professional install was worth the extra $179 (included prep and paint).

Lacked information regarding correct placement, but when placed correctly, this spoiler would be hard to beat. One negative, the extra weight on rear deck makes the trunk close without support.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Rear Wing Spoiler By Racing Beat

[1/7/2002] Reviewed by: Mike Maselli -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Rear wing spoiler for Miata.

Received in excellent condition. I had seen the guys from Crank & Chrome install a rear spoiler on a Honda CRX the day after I received it. I watched carefully and my instuctions were the same. They give you plastic tee's that you stick in the screw holes of the spoiler, then align it on trunk, tape down the tee's with masking tape, remove the spoiler and drill your holes. This was a very easy do it your self install. Have the spoiler painted, then mount with double sided tape and secure with the screws.The only thing they didn't tell you was exactly where to mount the spoiler. I used my best judgement on where it should go.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Racing Beat Type I Rear Wing

[9/16/2001] Reviewed by: Gerry Tywoniuk -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Rear spoiler One feature not mentioned in the printed material: the words "racing beat" are impressions on the top of the spoiler - not that it looks bad, I'd not have chosen if it were an option.

My experience was favorable and I would recommend this product to others. It cost $115 to paint, $210 + shipping to buy. Take the bolts and washers to the body shop, they can paint those too. The spoiler came with "drill guides" which I've not seen other product reviewers mention. These black strips of plastic fit into the mounting holes. One then lines up the spoiler, measuring many times to ensure correct placement, and tapes the strips to the car. One then removes the spoiler, leaving the strips on the car. I found that I had to put some tape around the strips' nubs (which go into the spoiler holes) in order to prevent them from falling out as I inverted the spoiler onto the car. One then drills through a hole in the strip through the trunk lid, first with an 1/8" bit, followed by a larger 5/16" bit after removing the strip. Quite ingenious. I actually used the small bit to initially mark the trunk lid, then removed the strip to finish the drilling.

Despite my numerous efforts at carefully marking the locations, I ended up about 1/8" off left to right, which is noticeable probably only to me. The lines of the spoiler relative to the trunk lid indicate this difference. Next time, I'd mark the lid with the 1/8" drill bit, remove the guides and shift the drill hole locations slightly for a perfect location. Mounted easily. Comes with black rubber nubs for the outside portions over the rear panels - I had to trim these in order to make the trunk close properly, although it's still tight, perhaps I need to do some more. With the added weight, the trunk lid no longer will stay up by itself, does anyone have a solution? I suppose one can buy one of those hydraulic arms. Looks terrific!

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

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