Robbins replacement rear window for factory top

Reviewed by: John Daeschner -

A replacement for the factory convertible top rear window.

I purchased this from performance Buyers Club with prompt and friendly service. This window is a Robbins copy of the factory rear window. My tan convertible top was in excellent condition with the exception of the yellowed and cracked window. To save a little money (about $100 less than a Mazda part) I bought the Robbins window. I knew before hand that the Robbins part used a different zipper. I remove the zipper from the original window, stitched it onto the Robbins window and installed it. The Robbins window is NOT properly sized, it is slightly smaller and the difference is enough to make installation more than $100 worth of hassle. I removed the top and reattached the zipper at the very edge of the fabric. This was still not enough and the window would not zip properly into place. I finally solved the problem by sewing on an additional piece of fabric to act as an extension, than attached the zipper to this. This worked very well and you can not distinguish it from the factory window. The meterial itself is an exact match, and my top is tan in color.

Very good construction, an excellent match to the factory unit. Fit is not correct, the part is too small. A larger zipper is supplied but what is the point of using it if it means removing the top??? Taking out the rear window is a snap, taking off the whole top is a different story. I used sail thread to attach the zipper, v92 Dacron, about as large a thread as will feed through a home sewing machine. This thread is very strong, will not rot and will out live the top.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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