S100 Shine Enhancing Cleanser

[2/6/2006] Reviewed by: Beastie

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

S100 Shine Enhancing Cleanser (SEC) is a lotion-like polish that is used as prep prior to wax application. Its purpose is to remove contaminants on the surface of the paint, hide swirls and minor scratches, remove waterspots and get the paint ready for a coat of carnauba wax. It will improve gloss and depth of color.

This is part of the easiest 1-2 combination in detailing. It is an outstanding pre-wax cleaner for S100 carnauba wax. Wax applies very easily on top of SEC. I also get superlative results when used with Souveran. I imagine it would mate well with NXT paste also since it has minimal cleaners in it. S100 SEC is a wipe on/wipe off product, no buffing involved. Use it by hand or with a PC. It fills in swirls to make them less visible. Performance is about on par with Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion, Souveran's designated partner.

Wake up 3-step users. This is one of the reasons I have retired my 3-steps and never looked back. S100 SEC and S100 carnauba are so easy to use you'll thank me for pointing them out to you. And the results are just as good if not better (I think it is much better) and you can do both in well under an hour (takes me 40 minutes).

Not an installed item


S100 Wheel Cleaner (Spray Gel)

[2/23/2004] Reviewed by: Ben Paraan - bparaan@hotmail.com

The S100 line is formulated for motorcycles but can be used for automotive applications. It is the companion of P21S automotive products. The Gel Wheel Cleaner comes in a spray bottle and shoots out a thicker viscosity fluid, not a foamy spray, that is designed to cling to wheel surfaces. You vary the time that it's left on the wheel depending on how much cleaning you need. Agitation is needed. It is not a spray-on then rinse type product.

My summer and winter wheels are well-maintained but they do get pretty cruddy from salt, dirt, roadgrime and brake dust. They also have a coat or two of Klasse All-In-One. I spray the S100 wheel cleaner, leave it on and start washing the car. I use a soft bristled brush which is enough to get the crud off. Rinse well and what's left are sparkling wheels.

This cleaner seems to be safe for wheels but tough on dirt. It smells nice and doesn't seem to be chemically nasty like most other wheel cleaners. Available from Harley dealers or on-line.

Not an installed item

[11/30/2003] Reviewed by: Ben Paraan

S100 is a very high quality carnauba wax also known as P21S. It is widely available at Harley -Davidson dealers for about $15. It is regarded as only second to Pinnacle Souveran carnauba wax in the finish provided to a car's paint at a fraction of Souveran's approx $60 cost. It trails Souveran by only a minute amount. It adds depth and liquidity to the paint. It can also be used as a topper for Klasse All-In-One with wonderful results. Highly recommended.

Not an installed item

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