Simple Green

[7/11/2000] Reviewed by Anonymous

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Simple Green---absolutely all purpose cleaner.


Have been using the product for 15 years. In the proper mixture for the purpose at hand, it will do everything--and do it correctly enviromentally.

My primary use is for engine box detailing on my 1985 Rx-7 prior to car shows. A good garage cannot be without!

Not an installed item

Reviewed by: Chris Bliell -   [8/5/99]

Soft Top Cleaner (general cleaning product)

After reading the other write-ups on this product, I decided to try Simple Green on my tan soft top. I had neglected the top, not really having scrubbed it in over a year (GASP! I know... sorry) Anyway, the top had multiple black marks and was a nice dirty, dull color. Last night I went at it with a stiff detailing brush and some Simple Green. HOLY COW! The top looks brand new - I kid you not! It is cleaner than when I bought it from the previous owner when the car was a year old! The stuff really works! WARNING - if you don't like the smell of licorice ( or Jagermeister ) stay away - the scent is strong! I had a buzz afterwards. Just kidding! Seriously though, for vinyl tops, Simple Green is definitely the way to go!

Reviewed by: Stephen Foskett -

Cleaning fluid

My wife and I use this product around the house a great deal. After getting my Miata (a used '94 with a tan top) and reading the review here, I decided to try it. The top had some nasty dark black marks on it from the dreaded previous owner. I had previously tries Blue Coral top cleaner and saw no effect. I applied Simple Green with a toothbrush to the affected areas and later to the whole top. After a few (3 or 4) applications, the black marks are starting to fade away. The whole top looks a bit brighter and cleaner after just one use. I use Simple Green after wetting and soaping the car, but before the final rinse. I will keep trying this whenever I wash the car and will report back as time goes by.

This product also works great around the house and is cheap and available.

Reviewed by: Tri Nguyen -

Soft-top Cleaner

Over the years, I have heard about people asking what should I use to clean my Miata top. Some have used plain soap and water, others have used Armor All but that runs all along the side of the car when it rains. Getting fustrated with my Tan top not looking as good as the rest of the car, I went looking for a good cleaner. I searched and searched until this past Saturday ran into SIMPLE GREEN automotive cleaner. The instruction said that it is used to remove tough dirt and rubber oxidation. I had to try it. Hell, it only costed me $4 for a good size bottle and a gel tube for hand cleaning. I tried it on a small and black marked spot. The stuff worked like a charm. I then proceeded to spray the whole top and used a hand brush to scrub the ground in dirt and oxidation out. Ofcourse as I scrubbed the dirt off using this Simple Green, I rised it off with water then afterwards washed the whole just in case the Simple Green might damage the body paint. I doubted it but I am not willing to take any chances. The top now looks as new as the first day that I bought the car. I have a 92 model. I hope this helps anyone out on cleaning their soft-top regardless of the color.

I highly recommend it for those if you who have a tan top ground in dirt.

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