Snugtop Hard Top

[10/23/2001] Reviewed by: Nancy Lieberman -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Green hard top

Unfortunately, I acquired both the hard top and the 1999 Miata when my dad died. The box for the hard top (in my dad's garage) did not come with the necessary hardware. When I contacted MM Marketing they made me purchase the hardware at an additional cost. The hardware they sent was still not complete, requiring me to buy the remaining hardware from Mazda. After all that, the top does not fit properly -- the window almost touches the top and the weatherstripping gaps on the sides. MM Marketing refuses to fix the problem saying it is no longer under warranty (I suppose my dad should have died sooner so I could have claimed earlier!). I would advise everyone to buy their top directly from Mazda and not purchase a top, or anything else, from MM Marketing.

Based on the poor fit of a SnugTop and the lack of cooperation from MM Marketing, I would advise everyone to buy their top directly from Mazda and not purchase a top, or anything else, from MM Marketing.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[8/16/2000] Reviewed by Joel Webb -

Applicable to '99 + 1.8 liter

Silver SNUGTop hardtop with heated rear glass from MM Marketing

The first top sent to me was a nice looking top with the exception of some small paint bubbles around the back window for which MM Marketing would pay to have repaired. The first top was an excellent fit, very water tight and overall nice looking. After three weeks the rear chrome latch plates started to rust! Another call to MM Marketing and SNUGTop agreed to send me a new top and allow me to send back the one with the rusting rear latches. The second top arrived also with paint defects. Another call to MM Marketing and I was again advised to send in two estimates for paint repair. I mounted this top and boxed up the first top for shipment back to SNUGTop. The next morning (after a night of rain) I found that the rear glass of the new top leaked and the rear deck and soft top were full of water! The second top was removed and I immediately call MM Marketing Management and they have agreed to refund my purchase price.

The SNUGTop could be an excellent addition to a Miata provided a little quality control was applied to their construction. You would think that after sending me one poor quality product that SNUGTop would have taken extra precaution to make sure that the replacement was defect free - but they did not do this.

Bottom line If you want a quality hardtop for your Miata buy one from Mazda. The additional $ spent on a factory top is money well spent. The folks at MM Marketing have been very helpful resolving this but I would be very careful if you are considering purchasing one of their SNUGTops.

 Under 5 minutes to remove

[3/2/2000] Reviewed by Robert Land -

Applicable to '99 + 1.8 liter

Bad experience! The studs that hold the top in place were missing. The white color of the top did not match the white color of the car. The top sent was crystal white - a color that Miata stopped using in 1995. I observed what I thought was a small puddle of water on the top. It turned out that it was a bubble on the fiberglass itself. The folks a MMM marketing were very supportive and paid for the repaint and repair job after I obtained an estimate, but I ended up doing all the legwork. The body shop had to remove all the weatherstripping and the rear window. When the weatherstipping was removed, they found that the window had been glued in to the top in several places. The only way to remove it without damaging the top was to break it out and order a new one from Snugtop. After 3 weeks I finally got the top back. On the way home, the wind noise was excessive. I spent the weekend removing the weather stripping, scraping off the adhesive and reapplying it.

Finally, now that spring is almost here, my top is ready to use. If I had this to do over again, I would not even consider buying this top. I also feel that the fit of the top for a 1999 is questionable. The rear studs do not even contact the top brackets when the front latches are closed. Do yourself a favor, spend the additional $500 and order one from Mazda. Hopefully you will have an experience that will not leave the same bitter taste that this experience has left me with.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: BJ O'Keefe -

Hard top - red - with liner and dome light.

Good: fit is excellent, no leaks; packaged well on delivery; included a bottle of touchup paint.

Bad: ordered available dome light - despite replacement wiring harness and several calls I've never been able to make the light work properly (and I have some knowledge of electronics). MMMiata eventually gave me a $100 credit to close the issue; color is not an exact match and since the top is lighter (actually more orange) than the car I don't believe sun fade is a viable excuse (car was only 6 mo old when top was purchased).

Bottom line: I'm not disappointed to the point of frustration - MMM covered the nonfunctional light acceptably but having gone thru the experience maybe a $500 price differental was not the best savings....I'll bet the factory defroster switch looks like a factory install rather than an aftermarket glue on!!!

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