Sonus High Gloss Acrylic Spritz

[8/19/2004] Reviewed by: Beastie -

This is as close to a "factory" description of the product that I got from the Autopia website: The Sonüs Acrylic Spritz is formulated to maintain that "just-waxed" sparkle and shine when used with German acrylic sealants (i.e., Klasse) and British resin polishes (i.e., Autoglym). When used with a quality microfiber buffing towel, Sonüs Acrylic Spritz safely removes light dust and water spots, leaving a slick, high gloss finish. The exclusive Sonüs formula contains SONACRYLIX™, the same acrylic formula used in German high gloss sealants. Regular use extends the period between waxing and maintains healthy, oxidation-free paint. Sonüs Acrylic Spritz is safe for all paint finishes, including clear coats.

I've only used Klasse products with this QD and this is, hands-down, the best on a Klasse'd car. It rejuvenates the finish and sparkle on my car which is treated with All-In-One and Sealant Glaze. I've tried Sonus on a carnauba waxed car and, while it worked, it did not have that certain magic that it does when used with Klasse. I only use this and Eagle One Wet Wipe N' Shine QD sprays when I have Klasse as a final topper. The only one better than Sonus is Pinnacle's Crystal Mist which I don't use unless I have carnauba on top.

I have had no problems with Sonus other than the incompatibility with carnauba waxes. It has a wonderful smell (although not as good as Crystal Mist) and looks really good. Eagle One is a couple of steps below it but is much cheaper at $3.50-$4. Sonus costs almost $10 for 16 oz. I've gone through 6 bottles of EO but still have about 1/3 of my Sonus bottle. Guess which one I use most of the time? Still, if you use Klasse and want the best QD for it, Sonus is it.

Not an installed item

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