Wenol Metal Polish (Red and Blue)

[9/27/2004] Reviewed by: Beastie - bparaan@hotmail.com

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From the CMA Website: Original Formula Wenol (red tube) is a nonabrasive cleaning polish best suited for tough projects. Use it on any metal to quickly remove stubborn stains, surface rust, oxidation and most acid rain spots. Follow with Auto Wenol (blue tube) to create a bright "show quality" shine that resists corrosion and water spotting. Ultra-soft Auto Wenol is the safest polish to use on polishing delicate gold plated automotive trim. It brightens without cutting into the plating.

I bought mine from the distributor. I should have bought online and paid half. Grrr! I find that the red tube is very mildly abrasive. Do not use on plated metals (aka silver, gold, chrome) nor painted or clearcoated metals. Use very little product, emphasis on LITTLE. If you need to polish more, just polish longer. I bought it to polish up my stainless steel style bar and exhaust tip. It did a much better job than Eagle One Nev'rDull. It removed most of the fine scratches on the style bar and really brightened up the metal. Same outcome with the exhaust tip. It didn't do too much on the stainless steel door sills but then again, it is too far gone. It needs a fine sandpaper and progressively finer polishes. The Blue tube (Autowenol) is a chemical polish that will bring polished metals to the next level. Use this for plated metals. It further increased the shine of the already impressive results from the red tube. It gets things to show car quality shine.

The shine on the polished pieces have lasted for quite a while. The distributor claimed that they both have some protectant in them. I was tempted to put AIO over the above items but I wanted to find out how Wenol does so I let them be. The exhaust tip has been cleaning up much easier and comes out shinier from just a wash. I polished my chrome gas lid, shifter knob, brake handle and various other chrome accessories. It makes the small amount of chrome and stainless steel stand out. I'm very happy with the purchase. Just make sure you buy yours online to get a cheaper price.

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