Addco front and rear sway bars

[4/28/2003] Reviewed by: Neil Nagrampa

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Addco 7/8" front and 5/8" rear sway bars, gold cadmium plated, urethane bushings included, front bar has two attachment points for hard and soft adjustment.

I was told of some people experiencing mild understeer with the Racing Beat set-up so I decided to purchase the Addco set-up instead. Since the front bar is slightly smaller (7/8") than the Racing Beats (1"), I figured that it would work out well. The front bar was set at its softer setting during install. Initially, I thought that the front bar was too weak, allowing the nose to dive under hard cornering. I lowered the back end a bit (I have Ground Controls) to more evenly weight the car and to take some forward rake out. Since then I haven't had a problem. There is no great tendency towards understeer, no dramatic diving/digging, and the car holds a corner very well. I've also installed a Racing Beat front sway bar brace kit and endlinks and now the front end communicates well.

I'd recommend the Addco set-up for anyone who wants more cornering ability from their Miata.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Addco 7/8" Front Sway Bar

Reviewed by: Steve Sharp -

7/8" front sway bar for '94+ Miata. Comes cadmium plated with urithane bushings and mounting straps.

I ordered this product from Performance Buyers Club. The price was right ($89 + shipping) and PBC offers just the front bar (you don't have to buy a set). Since I'm running SCCA Solo-II BS class I can only change the front bar. The bar arrived in three days. Great service!

Installation was a snap once I figured out how to get the old bar out of the car. Breaking the end-link bolts loose took a breaker bar, which I already had. Since I have A/C and power steering, the plumbing makes getting the bar out a puzzle. I found if I removed the bolts holding the ABS sensor wire on the right side, I could rotate the sway bar ends downward, then tilt the whole bar up on the right side between the radiator and engine, allowing it to be removed from the left side. Sounds tricky, but it should make sense once you're under the car (with jackstands securely in place, of course).

I had tried a Racing Beat 15/16" bar that was actually for a 90-93, so the end links were too short for my '94 and it understeered heavily. With the Addco 7/8" bar, the handing is much more neutral with none of the stock oversteer on the street, and with BFG R1's autocrossing the turn in is crisp and steady state cornering is neutral to slight oversteer (like I like it). Since I don't have the "R" model, my rear bar is 11mm instead of the 12mm on the "R".

Good product for a regular Miata (non-R) for BS Solo-II or for any Miata for street use. I'd also recommend Performance Buyer's Club for purchases. Good service and prices plus they will talk to you about your needs and recommend solutions.

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