Adrenaline Racing Ladder Subframe Brace

[11/9/2003] Reviewed by: James -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Ladder-style subframe brace that connects front bracing mounts to the back of the car. This is a VERY sturdy tube-frame brace.

Installation of this brace was quite easy. The car needs to be lifted on 4 jackstands for clearance, and the brace is simply bolted to existing brace mounting points. I used a jackstand to hold one end of the brace up while I bolted the other end. I have always been unhappy with the cowl shake on my '96 PEP. I have added other braces but the cowl shake was only marginally reduced. This is the first brace I have added that made a drastic difference. It feels like a whole new car. Cowl shake is reduced significantly to the extent that only the worst bumps induce noticeable shake. The change is so noticeable that I can now tell that my 30K mile OEM shocks are weak, as the rest of the car is stiff enough that the wheel hop on bumps is apparent. The only caution I would add is something Adrenaline Racing points out on their website. This brace mounts on the bottom of the car, thus reducing ground clearance by about 1 inch. On lowered Miatas this might present a problem.

Overall, this product is well worth the money. If I added up all of the money I have spent on other braces, I could have purchased this brace and been happy. Compared to the negligent difference the strut tower braces make, this brace makes the car undeniably stiffer. The welds are smooth, and the design is very sturdy.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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