Cusco Tower Bar

Reviewed by: Robert Loy -

It took a little effort to install the Cusco Tower Bar that I purchased. This bar is made of light aluminum with blue anodized ends. The bar fits neatly underneath the hood and allows just enough clearance over the cam cover gasket.

I own a 90 so I had to swap the windshield washer reservoir to a newer model since the old reservoir blocks one of the mounting screws over the shock tower. It does certainly feel a lot tighter with the bar on and seems to corner harder without understeering. The road bumps seem to be absorbed a lot more as well. The bar goes on only one way and is easily installed with 9/16 sockets.

The cost of the bar is considerably expensive, I would highly recommend the Trust/GReddy tower bar as an option if you don't want to spend so much. Cusco does design suspension components for the Miata and has just started marketing the strut tower bar.

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18 July, 1998