Flatspot Front Subframe Brace

Reviewed by: Erci Thompson - eric.thompson@us.mw.com

The Flatspot front brace is a galvanized square tube approximately 3/4 inch in diameter and 2 feet long which fits between the two A-arms on the front suspension.

The brace went on very easily. It is held on by two bolts (provided) which lined up perfectly with existing holes located on the A-arms (just behind the front wheels). Some grinding of two rather beefy welds was required to install the brace so that it would lay flat against the frame, but this was easily accomplished using a Dremel tool. In all, the installation took less than a half-hour, working alone, including about ten minutes of idle time to let the touch-up paint dry on the ground-down welds.

I noticed immediately an improvement in the stiffness of the front suspension on my '91A. The car feels much more solid over bumps in the road. On the freeway the additional stiffness is obvious in the reduced hood shake. Overall the car has a much more solid feel and makes me more confident in tossing the car through tight corners.

The brace does hang low enough that clearance over road obstacles could be an issue. Especially if your car is lowered.

An excellent brace for the money. If mine were to disappear from my car today, I'd order another one tommorrow.

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