Team Flatspot Rear Longitudinal Braces

Reviewed by: Christian LoCascio -

Two approx. 14" long metal (aluminum I think)rods that run from the front of the lower, rear A-arms forward to the floorpan.

The bars came with good instructions and even a write-up on how to modify the plastic fuel filter cover to make future removal (of the cover) easier. All that is required is to remove the nut that holds the rear eccentric in place, put the bar in place, drill a hole through a dimple that is already in the floorpan, then tighten everything down. I marked my alignment before beginning, but neither side moved at all during the install. I went to have my alignment checked the next day anyway (6-month warranty kind), and everything looked good. It took me about 40 minutes to install both bars. This time could be around 15 minutes if you have someone help, as most of my time was spent crawling under and out from under the car about 10 times. All pieces (2 bars, 2 L-brackets, 2 bolts, 2 nuts, and 6 washers) were included and pre-assembled.

There is a NOTICEABLE increase in rigidity, much more than I could feel after installing my Moss front subframe brace. The rear feels slightly tighter after hitting a bump, but much tighter on acceleration. Before the brace, I could definetly feel the car flex (or squat) down in the rear on even modest launches. Now, pulling away from a stoplight with the RPMs over 3000 results in brief wheelspin because the rear end is so much tighter. The increase in rigidity may not be felt to such a large extent on normally suspended Miatas (I have a 93 LE), but I am sure that it would still be significant. I would highly recommend this product to any owner of a 90-93 Miata, except for those of you who drag race (you will get wheelspin at lower launch RPMs). Best of all, they were ONLY $40 WITH SHIPPING.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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