GoMiata (GMA) Strut Tower Brace

[10/2/2003] Reviewed by: John Sugimoto

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

GoMiata's aluminum strut tower brace comes with a satin finish on natural metal. The shock tower mounts are black anodized steel and the connecting hardware has a bright chrome finish. Each end of the aluminum bar contains a threaded eyebolt and locknut that provides for precise span adjustment across the engine bay. Tools required: 14mm & 17mm combination wrenches, 8mm Allen wrench

This is a review of the GoMiata (GMA)strut tower brace as installed on a normally-aspirated 1997 M-Edition with cruise control. The GoMiata version was selected because some others were indicated to be incompatible with cruise control. The item was packed in cardboard and plastic to preserve the finish. No instructions were included. Installation was intuitive as the tower mounts fit in only one position without encountering clearance issues with engine bay components, including cable bundles. The shock tower mounts were bolted in first. Span adjustment was accomplished by screwing the eyebolts on each end in or out and securing them with locknuts. [Note: One of the eyebolt adjusters is reverse-threaded.] Total installation time was approximately 20 minutes. A road test gave a very noticable feeling of increased front-end solidity and more precise steering.

The GoMiata strut tower brace performed as advertised and in my opinion was money well-spent (it was purchased at the online sale price of $89.99). It is a good-looking and solid piece of easy-to-install equipment that definitely enhances driveability.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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