[5/20/2001] Reviewed by: Mike Richardson -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

These are Purple Intrax springs that drop the car ~1.5" They come in a huge box with tons of extra space, and no padding. i ordered these from a local speed shop, and paid 180 for them.

The product looks nice, looks like any other spring to me, but i'm sure eibah or H&R feels a lot better. Then springs installed very easily with no problems at all. My front end doesnt sit higher than the back end like some of the other people, perhaps they redesigned them. Everything fit perfectly and i am very happy with the results.

These are good springs for someone who doesnt want to spend 220+ on springs. The ride quality in my opinion is horrible, but i have stock shocks, so that could be the problem. I think they are good springs, and i would recommend them to anyone!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

InTrax Sport Lowering Springs

[8/23/99] Reviewed by: Rami Cerone -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.6 liter

Intrax lowering springs

Only used the rear springs to replace Racing Beat rear street springs (RB's were not much lower than stock)

THIS is what I wanted. Racing Beat's street (or race) springs did fine in lowering the front, but the back was way up in the air. Put the INTRAX 1.5" springs in and am extremely pleased with the look. Had to buy all 4 (for $189.00 from Summit Racing), but well worth it. Ride is fine on smooth roads, a bit harsh on bumps, but nowhere close to being annoying. No rubbing on rear (with 205.50.15). This is what the Miata is supposed to look like..have not noticed any problems yet with mixing two brands of springs.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

InTrax Sport Lowering Springs

Reviewed by: Phil Tong -

Boxed set of four lowering springs.

No info on spring rates given. (Will try to follow-up with Intrax)

"INTRAX Springs are produced in Europe to the highest standards. All springs are cold wound on WAFIOS CNC coilers, from the finest grade of Chrome Silicone Wire. They are then Heat Treated, Shot Peened and Blocked to insure fatigue resistance. Finally they are Epoxy Powder coated to provide a long lasting and durable protective finish. Each of these steps is carefully monitored to guarantee you the finest product you can purchase. That's why inTrax backs all of their Springs with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. You can use inTrax springs with stock or performance shocks."

Sold by local performance shop, Autobahn on Eddy St. The springs cost $219 + tax, were available immed. Dealer info indicated 1.5" drop all around, though after the install the rear appeared very slightly lower than the front. Aesthetically, the opposite would be better but as it sits the car may actually be better balanced currently. No problems with tire rubbing and this is with 15x7 TSW rims and Nitto 195/50's. Car rides slightly rougher than stock during normal driving but not the least objectionable. The objectionable part comes when potholes, constructionruts or other road surface defects are crossed at speed -- very harsh reaction; watch your kidneys! Difference in handling seems better bang for the buck than tire/wheel change. Lower CG, quicker turns, flat cornering. Of course this may be a synergistic action since I haven't remounted the stock tires/wheels to compare (and probably never will :] ) No doubt about it, the Miata sits very low now and those having trouble getting in and out at the stock ride height should think twice, especially if ride quality is of major concern. This performance mod is not for the weak of back but if you're out to get a faster turning and cornering MX5, and set your car apart from stock Miata's then these lowering springs are for you. Comparable products: Eibach springs list $249 Comparable cars: Neuspeed for Civic List $159

Install may lead one to driving events! Highly recommended for the road racer crowd.

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