MAX 5 - Front Strut Tower Brace

Reviewed by: David Pittman -

This is the strut tower brace sold by PBC. The unit is highly polished. The steel mounting brackets are painted in red, so if you have a red car it will match your engine bay color. : )

Bought and installed the product on the same day in 100 heat. Installing took no more than 15 minutes. Just unscrew 4 bolts total, put the brace in and adjust, then put the 4 bolts back on. Simple and easy.

After installing this system on my lunch break and driving back to work I noticed a big difference in how the car takes bumps. Before, when I hit a bump the car would shimmy. Now the bump feels as if it is absorbed in the front. Very nice. The increase in performance is noticeable but it's not big. Steering feels a litte more precise. The engine bay sure does look nice now though. If you have the 65MPH shimmy it will help alleviate it. Overall a great product that I would recommend to everyone.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Brian Dean -

Adjustable polished steel oval tube brace with weldwd steel mounting plates which install on top of the front strut towers. The tube crosses over the engine cam covers and does not interfere with spark plug access. Construction of the brace is surprisingly robust and the finish is aircraft quality.

I bought one of these to install on my wife's '99 Miata. This is the standard car with 14 inch wheels and Yokohama tires. It has always exhibited some cowl shake, especially around 65 MPH, but less than our previous A model Miatas. Since she was driving 150 miles per day and was unhappy with the vibration, I decided to try the PBC strut brace. It took almost 10 minutes to install it using only a 14mm socket and a 17mm open end. Then the test drive. My wife remarked immediately that the car felt more solid and the steering more precise. We still hadn't gotten above 35 MPH. On the highway, the difference was remarkable. No more continuous cowl shake! When the car hits a bump, it sets up a minor vibration which dampens itself almost immediately. I was so impressed, I bought and installed one on my '99 this afternoon. This car has the leather package with the differences which come from 15 inch wheels and the Michelin Pilot tires. My car has never had as much vibration as my wife's, due mostly, I ex

Ever buy something and then regret the cheap quality of the product? In this day and age of plastic and hyperinflated advertising, it is hard to find real value. The Miata represents one such value and the PBC MAX-5 front strut tower brace is another. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

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