Mazda Competition heavy duty swaybar mounts

[3/26/2002] Reviewed by: John Stimson -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Replacements for the fragile factory swaybar mounts. The purpose of these and the factory mounts is to locate the swaybar away from components in the engine compartment such as the radiator, hoses, and wiring. The replacements are heavy gauge steel welded into a closed box for extra strength.

Installation required grinding out the spot welds that held the stock mounts in place. Installation took about 4-5 hours, which included removing the swaybar, front wheels, lower radiator brackets, and radiator fans to get access to the swaybar mounts. The most frustrating part about the installation was that the replacement mounts interfered with the lower radiator brackets. I had to bend the radiator brackets to route them around the swaybar mounts, but I was very tempted to notch the mounts themselves to give clearance for the radiator brackets. Even with the bending, getting the radiator brackets bolted back in was difficult. The replacement brackets bolt to the subframe tubes with four bolts each, and no welding.

Reverting completely to stock swaybar mounts would "require" spot welding the stock brackets in place. Welding is probably not really necessary from a practical standpoint however.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

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