Mazdaspeed shock absorbers

[12/25/2000] Reviewed by: Rob Riter -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

The shocks are of great quality(as is most of the products that I have seen straight from Japan) and were in a great green color. They have a knob from 1-4 were 1 is the softest and 4 is the hardest.

These shocks are great!! I had heard that many people felt they were way too hard-riding, but that they handled outstanding. To me they seem just right. When I first got them on I had them on 2 and it seemed quite solid, so that is were they stayed. It wasnt until I went to my next race that I bumped them up to 4(hardest). Man!!! They are great. Many people said that there was no body roll and the car stayed flat under very hard braking. After that I discoverd that the best set-up is 4 in the front and 3 in the rear, it seems to let the rear move a little more and stay planted. Ever since I have kept they on the same setting and am very comfortable on the street. I love them on the harder setting, my dad however thinks they are too hard on even 2. Installation took just about all day even with the help of a freind from the local miata chapter that had done it a few times on earlier miatas.

I would do this mod again anytime. The first time I took a freind for a ride and took a tight turn at 40 it was great, he was just saying holy $h*%! It should be noted that at the same time I put on a set of H&R spring just cuz I was in there.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Greg Germar -   [8/7/99]

Gas filled shocks made by KYB for Mazdaspeed. Four way adjustable (each adjustment changes both compression and rebound rates simultaneously).

One thing that stands out with these shocks upon opening the box is the quality workmanship! It's odd to be praising a shock absorber for it's looks, but it really stands out, compared to other aftermarket shocks. Ride height is not adjustable, and is the same as stock (with stock springs of course).

Performance? At the softest setting, ride is a little stiffer than stock. This can be turned up to race car stiffness. Personally, I would have wanted more rebound in all settings, or better yet, independent control of the rebound rate. Absolutely fantastic on smooth roads, but a little harsh on bad ones. I suggest pairing this with a spring that is not very stiff. It goes well with stock springs. I've tried it with the Mazdaspeed springs. Combined...uncanny handling, but the roads better be smooth, this setup rides noticeably harder than stock.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Alfie Rufino -

Mazdaspeed 4-way adjustables

Relatively simple bolt-on replacement. When installed with Mazdaspeed sports springs, lowers the car exactly 1.25 inches fron and rear.

This product is not the ride height adjustable type. Handling has greatly improved, but ride has become almost unbearably stiff even at it's softest setting. Don't try the stiffest setting without making an appointment with your dentist first because it will rattle your tooth fillings off.

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