Mazdaspeed stabilizers

Reviewed by: Greg Germar -   [8/7/99]

Installed these with no problem. Noticeably reduces body lean while cornering. Non-adjustable. Not the thickest bars available, 22mm in front and 14mm rear, but they do the job! I would recommend this as one of the first things to do in a suspension upgrade.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Alfie Rufino -

Mazdaspeed stabilizer - F 22mm/R 14mm
Stock stabilizer - F 19mm/R 11mm

Relatively simple bolt-on replacement, but it doesn't come with it's own bushings/bushing brackets so you'll have to use the stock ones. Just remember to grease up the bushings so they don't squeak.

This product is not the adjustable type. On the road, body roll has greatly been reduced and the car still feels neutral. Ride has stiffened a wee bit though. Overall, I am very pleased with this product.

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