MM Marketing Rear Chasis Brace

Reviewed by: Tim Biggs from Canada -

A Rear Brace designed to bolt directly to the A-arm assemblies. It's purpose is to close the "box" that is the rear sub-frame. This issue was addressed in mid-to-later models but '90 and '91s can benefit greatly from this application.

I'll state at the out-set that this product works as advertised and I'm satisfied with the end results of this application. I was less-than impressed with the instructions that came with the brace. Firstly , the illustration looks like a kid did it...over-simplefied and completly lacking any labels , or torque specs or nut-sizes or a 'you'll need these tools to complete' list. the other cool part was the way my "instuction" sheet ended in mid-sentence...perhaps the missing info was on the missing papers. any way...When I went to install the unit (armed with the Haynes shop manuel for torque specs) I discovered that the toe-in on my car was out and the bolts the brace attaches to were mis-aligned. This prevented me from attaching the to the shop to get an alignment and the brace done.

A fellow club-member experienced the same thing and started filing away until he realized the bolts move in concert with alignment alterations. Don't file!!!! Once the piece was on the change was dramatic and immediate. The chatter and wobble and general sloppiness of my '90's rear was markedly toned-down to acceptable levels and engendered a tighter more confident ride-quality. I would more than recommend this application for your early-model Miata (whether you use an MM brace or any other) before you consider any changes to the set-up of your suspension.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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