Okuyama Front and Rear Tower Braces

[8/30/2004] Reviewed by: Jonathan Bryant Chen - jonbry@pacific.net.sg

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

This is a set of alloy tower braces from Okuyama (aka Cabring).

While a little costly in some ways, it's still cheaper than the V-brace setup which they also offer. Good finish on the braces and really light too!

The parts were easy enough to install and apparently fit both the NA and NB. Some extra features are available with this setup, which aren't usually included in other tower braces. For one, the front brace came with a "master brake stopper". This is available separately, but this one comes integrated with the brace, to avoid issues of having the brace evenly flush on both sides. The "master brake stopper" prevents the master brake cylinder pushing out on hard braking and it does work, braking feel and performance has improved vastly. The rear tower brace comes with a tire relocation kit. I have pics of the braces on my site : http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/532104/

Not an installed item

Okuyama front strut tower brace 

[5/4/2001] Reviewed by: Thomas Tinker - tdtinker@nwlink.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Okuyama front strut tower brace... Additional strength is achieved by attaching this brace to the firewall. Designed for Miata's with the stock intake or Turbochargers Will not fit on supercharged motors at this time. Check out the V-Brace for that set-up

We where under the impression that this was going to be and easy installation. Because my car has power steering and several lines that run across the fire wall these had to be lowered. This was not to difficult. The problem was with the cruse control, that needed to have it's bracket bend so the cruse control could clear the brace. After we had attached the brace we then discovered that the brace rubbed on the hood braces. This required that we modify the the hood by cutting out part of the hood bracing. It has made a difference on my 1990 Miata wiyh 152,000, however I'm not sure that a single brace would have just as effective and easier to install.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[11/28/2000] Reviewed by: Eric Payne - ericscca@yahoo.com 

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Aluminum three point front strut tower bar.

This is a very well made bar, light and sturdy with excellent weld quality. I bought this brace from Metro Motorsports, who has very good service, although shipping is sort of expensive. The installation was straightforward but a bit of a hassle. In order to properly fasten the brace to the firewall you must move the brake vacuum line, the brake line and the throttle cable. The easiest way to reroute the lines is to drill new holes holes for the hard and softline brackets about 1/2" lower in the firewall.

The brace looks nice in the engine bay, and there seems to be less chassis vibration from the front end. It also seems as if turn in has improved, but I'm not sure. The only problem is if you need to adjust your timing (with the cam angle sensor), the brace has to be removed.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Okuyama Performance Slot Single Chassis/Drive Train

[2/26/2000] Reviewed by Chi Sung Row - send_mail_2@yahoo.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Yes, yet another brace for your Miata.

I just installed a drive train brace which ties together the transmission bell housing to the front lower control arm (?). Normally, I have stayed away from braces since my 95 M has a lot of factory braces already.

Well when I went to Rspeed today there was a new type of brace called Drive Train brace. Being a curious type, I decided to test the two different drive train braces which Joe had brought back from Japan. One is a triangular shape and the other is a straight bar.

They both tie the transmission housing to the front chassis while acting as a sub frame brace. With a straight one, you can leave the factory sub frame brace. With the triangular one, the factory brace is removed.

  I installed each one and did a short test drive. I liked the straight one so much that I decided to keep it. They both felt similar but I liked the straight one better. (Besides, it was much cheaper than the triangular one. Although from the aesthetic point of view, the triangular ROCKS!!!)

So, what do these braces do? I don’t quite know what they do but what I felt (SOTP) is that the shifting was crisper and more connected. Also, when you are engine braking or when you quickly lift you foot off from the gas peddle, I felt much less engine shake and body shutter. Quick acceleration seemed to translate into action quicker.

Maybe it’s all in my head but I liked the feel well enough that I spent some of the money I was saving up for a SC. The construction of both pieces are impressive and also very light in weight.

The usual disclaimer here I have no connection to Rspeed. (except for doing a direct deposit of my paycheck to their bank).

 Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Okuyama Strut Tower Bar

Reviewed by: Christian LoCascio - cvlocas@earthlink.net

Rear Strut Tower Bar

This is a fantastic product, and the only one of its kind that I know of. It is a beautifully crafted aluminum strut tower bar with extremely beefy bar end bolts and mounting brackets. The bar makes a world of difference on my 93 LE which already had the Mazda rear subframe brace, Team Flatspot longitudinal rear subframe braces, Moss front subframe brace and hardtop installed. If you have a Miata with a very stiff suspension, you know how important chassis bracing is to allow the suspension to do its job properly. Total cost was about $250 including shipping from Japan.

It took me about an hour to install. Installation couldn't be more simple, it just takes a while working in the small confines of the trunk. You must remove the thin aluminum shield around the fuel lines, connect the strut bar using the existing strut tower bolts, then reinstall the shield. The shield needs to be bent out about 1/8" on one end and takes about two seconds to do (literally). Just be careful not to drop any of the nuts down the strut tower well. I did, and it took me about 20 minutes to get it out. Anyone who appreciates a rigid chassis should love this product. (I can also get their triangulated front strut tower brace, but it doesn't fit ABS equipped Miatas.)

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