Performance Buyers Club (PBC) front & rear chassis braces

[6/27/2004] Reviewed by: Jim Zimmerman -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

These are the generic tubular chassis braces to tie the rear subframe and front chassis together for increased rigidity that are sold by many companies.

I installed a rear brace first as I thought that this would have more effect that a front brace might. Installation was easy, maybe 10 minutes. Nothing to it - just don't let the suspension alignment shift. After installation I noted less tendency toward oversteer. I autocrossed the car shortly thereafter and found the rear end was more planted. However, there was a loud harmonic buzz around 2800rpm. And I mean LOUD. I checked if the exhaust (stock factory part) was touching the bar - it wasn't even close. I liked what the rear brace did for the handling & feel of the car, but the noise was really irritating. Then I installed a front brace. I can't say I noticed much difference in handling or feel, but the harmonic noise went away completely, so obviously it did something. I can't explain it, but the bottom line is the two braces together suffered no harmonic buzz, and the car feels better and is more planted in corners.

For the low price of these braces I believe you will feel a noticable difference, especially on the '90 and '91 Miata's which had no braces. I would recommend them. Also, PBC has always been great to deal with.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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