Atlantic Design 'In Between' Seat Pouch

Reviewed by: Nathan Ramsey -

Storage pouch that snaps to the rear deck and hangs between the seats

I really like this product. It provides you with enough extra storage so that your glovebox is not overflowing. I have not problem with the pouch being to tall like Mr. Allen, but it is wide enough that if you sit with your seats all the way back (like me) the flap gets pinned behind the seats. Not a big deal, and I'm glad they didn't make it narrower to prevent this, it would have made the pouch too small. I also found that the snaps lined up perfectly with those on the rear deck, inlike Mr. Allen's experiences.

Good addition to the Miata's tight (for storage) cockpit.

Reviewed by: Ric Allan -

Vinyl pouch with snaps that attaches to snaps used for soft boot and hangs down on vertical service between the driver and passenger seat.

As with the product from MM Marketing also reviewed, this one was too large (top to bottom) and sticks out somewhat, covering the keylock for the armrest storage. The spacing on the snaps was less than perfect but seemed to stretch and adjust. Also, like the window protector I got from MM, it has two sided snaps and stacks well with... the window protector and soft boot. Tan color matches well with my 97M interior.

Pocket blends well and provides useful, convenient, needed storage space.

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