ARC Sliding rear view mirror

Reviewed by: Anonymous

For those who prefer the sliding rear view mirror on ols British ragtops will love this product. It simplt replace the stock rear view mirror with the parts similar to those on MGB.
It comes with the top bracket, main rod and the small - I mean real small! - flat mirror. There is also a piece of rubber hose you will have to trim out to put between the mirror andthe windshield to isolate the mirror from vibration. (Doesn't work that well.)

It's really for those with roll bar which obstructthe stock rear view mirror as its sliding mirror can be adjusted to clear the roll bar. Simple to install and if you want it's even easier to put the stock item back without any trace.

Pit Crew Racing has the better product but then its model costs more than three times. :( At 12000yen it's not terribly expensive - excluding the shipping charges - and you can choose either stainless steel or titanium rod.
Under 5 minutes to remove

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