Atlantic Design storage bags

PBC Atlantic Design Touring Bags

[1/22/2001] Reviewed by: Joel Novick -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Two attractive heavy gauge nylon bags, double zippers and lined with a water protective material. The bags connect together and mount securely to the Miata's rear trunk lid by eight straps. An included mat protects the paint finish. Cost: $200 through Moss Motors.

Right out of the box I noticed high quality workmanship and thought design. I loaded them up quickly with an enormous amount of clothing. the bag has a flap which covers the double zipper and protects the contents from moisture. The included carrying straps make the trip from the car to the hotel/motel a breeze.

I'd say the two bags could fit enough clothing and other soft items for a four day trip alone with ease. The mounting straps easily adapt to the OEM lip spoiler and I see no reason they won't work on the OEM wing spoiler as well. A great value for those trips to Deal's Gap, Daytona and anywhere extra storage is needed.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Cargo Bag by Atlantic

[6/19/2000] Reviewed by Jennie Harris -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

A soft sided bag with a paint friendly pad that attaches to the trunk lid with straps and rubberized hooks.

I purchased this product two years ago to allow my husband and I to take golfing trips in our Miata. The golf clubs are carried in Moon Bags by Ping, also soft sided, which fit nicely in the trunk along with shoes and other miscellaneous items. Our clothes are carried in the cargo bag on top of the trunk. This gives us plenty of room for a weeks vacation (longer if you do laundry). The reason for this review is basically how reliable it is. In Washington we commonly start out one of our trips in the rain. The blue lining of the bag and double zipper allow us to arrive at our destination with dry clothing. Recently we took a trip to Montana. While traveling along I-90 through Spokane a semi tried to run us over. I over corrected in an attempt to avoid him and ended up spinning in the middle of the interstate. The bag stayed securely on the back of the car. We have used this bag often and it shows no wear.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to travel. It is well made and doubles your storage space. It is easy to put on and take off. With a little extra wax on the trunk it doesn't mar the paint. And as stated before is waterproof and spinproof.

Not an installed item

Atlantic Design Touring Luggage

[3/22/2000] Reviewed by Mark Noeltner -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 +

Two soft side suitcases that mount securely to trunk lid with or without a rack using an 8-point mounting system. Uses car cover fabric on a mounting pad to protect your car’s finish. Overall dimensions of the two bags fastened together is approx. 38" x 18" x 9".

We've used these bags for only one weekend trip so far, but I was impressed overall. The product seems to do exactly what they say it will do, which is provide two waterproof suitcases that don't take up any of the precious trunk space. We put on about 400 miles, some of it in the rain without any problems caused by the luggage. Visibility from inside the car is slightly compromised, but still allows a view of cars behind you through the center mirror. The pad provided to protect the trunk lid is heavier than the one described in another review, and is more than adequate to do the job. Just clean it well after using to avoid scratches from embedded dirt.

Nice product, although a little pricey at $200+. Be careful when opening the trunk with the luggage installed. It can shift slightly causing the straps to loosen. Be sure to check them after opening the trunk lid!

Under 5 minutes to remove

Atlantic Designs Fender Bag

Reviewed by: Eric Amador -

Small black padded cloth fender bag for trunk, from Performance Buyers Club; under $30 (if I recall correctly). Zipper top with small loop handles on sides.

This simple bag protects your fender while storing a few small items, such as Fix-a-Flat tire sealant. It tucks into the left fender well and protects the sheet metal from objects rolling about the trunk. I wish it had some way to tie it to the car, though, because occasionally it comes out of place. I may improvise a way to tie its handles to parts of the car, with velcro straps.

A small, good quality bag that works pretty well.

Atlantic Design Luggage, Touring Luggage

Reviewed by: Bruce Jackson -

Two soft-side suitcases with protective pad and straps to mount on top of Miata trunk.

Well thought-out product. I and my SO were able to put enough clothes for a week vacation and use most of the trunk space for things we picked up. I didn't get the opportunity to test the bag's waterproof integrety but double zippers and heavy lining look impervious to rain. The straps are quite long, I had to tie them down to keep them from flapping; On the positive side, the extra length of the straps should allow it to fit on the trunks of other cars as well. The bags are large enough to hold a useful amount of stuff but small enough to still afford good daytime visibility. At night they do block view of low headlights from behind.

A good product that does its job. Kind of pricy at over $200. The two suitcases are a little smaller than I expected them to be. If I were to  do it again I'd opt for the Cargo Bag over the Touring Luggage. The Cargo Bag is one large bag instead of two smaller ones.

Atlantic Design Waterproof Cargo Bag (PBC)

Reviewed by: Bill Kille -

"Soft" luggage the approximate size of the Miata trunk lid.

Used for round trip, Maryland to California and home again, through heavy rain, light snow and 115 degree heat. Had a "soft" beverage cooler (read beer) bungee'd on top of the bag, it leaked as the ice melted and the bag compressed. Contents of Cargo Bag stayed dry!

I did not use the deck mounting straps that came with the bag. I have a luggage rack and used bungee cords instead. A soft pad came with the bag to protect the painted surface of the trunk lid. No problems with the product, will use it again. Gives the car that "Go to Hell, I'm going places look".

Atlantic Design Waterproof Cargo Bag

Reviewed by: Allan I. Aizenman -

A luggage bag designed to be temporarily mounted on the outside of the Miata trunk lid.

A useful way of adding temporary storage space to the Miata, though useful only for clothing and the like..

The Atlantic Design Cargo Bag is a soft-sided luggage bag designed to be carried on the top of the Miata Trunk. Measuring approximately 36 x 15 x 5 inches, it rests on the top of the Miata trunk, attached by eight straps, two on each side. The straps hook on to the underside of the trunk lid, and connect to snap-on connectors sewn on to the front of the bag. The bag rests on a thin (1/8") foam sheet that comes with it.

The bag has two compartments; the main one occupying most of the bag is lined with heavy waterproof rubberised material and has a double zipper design to ensure things inside it stay dry during rainstorm. The other outer compartment is for storing the straps and the foam sheet.

The cargo bag has both carrying handles and a shoulder strap, and is very well made, of heavy nylon. Its ‘eight-point system' of securing it to the trunk lid works very well, and certainly does secure the bag to the trunk lid. I would rate this system somewhat superior to carrying regular luggage on the lid with the factory luggage rack, as I think it distributes the luggage weight more evenly over the trunk lid surface. This is probably not a significant point. But it does allow you to carry a fair load (as long as it fits inside the bag) on the outside of your Miata, leaving the trunk free for yet more luggage and saves you both the expense of the luggage rack and the need to drill holes in your trunk lid.

When on the lid, your interior rear-view mirror becomes pretty well useless, but that is of no great consequence. Well worth the extra luggage space gained.

The bag interior is not suitable for carrying anything except clothing and the like. The single interior compartment means that you require separate interior containers (not supplied) to keep things tidy. You get about 2/3 of the storage space of a garment bag.

Criticisms :

1. I think the foam sheet supplied with the bag too thin to provide good protection to the lid. The foam is what protects the trunk lid from the bag and its contents. I bought some 1/4" foam backing and glued it to the sheet. Might not be really necessary, but is cheap insurance.

2. I think the bag would be better suited for its purpose if it were hard-sided rather than soft. I added 1/4" hardboard inserts to both compartments and found it aided in both carrying the bag and strapping it to the car.

3. Cost : the cargo bag, at $US 200, is not cheap, to say the least. Throw in shipping charges, and (in my case) additional costs involving Canadian taxes, and you have one very expensive piece of luggage. The mounting straps could easily be added to any equivalent sized soft-sided nylon luggage (though it might not be as waterproof, an imortant consideration) for a total expenditure maybe of $75.00
Final verdict : a very well constructed but expensive means of adding temporary additional luggage space for clothing to your Miata without the permanency of the factory luggage rack.

Reviewed by: Brian Latker -

1. Padded Fender Bag 2. Trunk Bag 3. Shelf Luggage

Very sturdy craftmanship. Good for maximizing space in the Miata

Great idea. Great execution. Great product.