Atlantic Design Vinyl Window Protector from PBC

Reviewed by: Eric Fawcett -

Cloth-like outside, vinyl inside, padded and open on three sides to allow the window to be laid in. Snaps to the shelf snaps and has a pocket with a zipper that rests on the vertical portion of the shelf.

Seems well made and the snaps (which are double sided so you can still use the boot) aligned perfectly. I liked the attention to detail, such as the velcro tabs it has to close the protector that use the existing velrco pads that are on the window. I was a little concerned that the interior that the window is sandwiched between isn't lined with anything (it's vinyl) but it doesn't appear as though it will scratch the window at all.

The main reason I bought this was I like the idea of a window protector/storage pocket. The pocket is part of the protector but hangs down below the shelf snaps on the vertical portion of the shelf (the part your seat backs are against). However it doesn't hang so low as to interfere with the center console compartment (I can access the compartment fine with the pocket there). The pocket runs the width of the shelf, meaning it's the same width as the protector and is about 4" or 5" inches deep. The pocket is perfect for pens, paper, maps and all sorts of non-bulky things... It also has dual zippers for easy access from both pass. or drivers side.

Reviewed by: Toby Weir-Jones

Vinyl sleeve, open on three edges, into which the rear window is inserted prior to lowering the top. Sleeve snaps onto carpet snaps with double-sided connectors so top boot may still be used.

Product ordered from PBC, shipped via FedEx for $8, took a few days to arrive.

Snaps aligned very well, the item seems to be well- made, and the padding ought to hold up over time. These observations correlate neatly with other reviews of the Atlantic Designs/PBC protector on, and are the primary reasons why I chose this one over the others available, even though some were $10 cheaper. Didn't want the hassle!

Reviewed by: Art Foley -

Window protector open on three sides, lined and padded on the inside with double sided snaps along the closed end.

The protector perfectly matched the snap spacing and color of the tan interior on my '97 STO. The snaps are double sided so the boot can still be used. It lays flat and doesn't interfere with the boot at all.

I installed mine on a 97M. The tan material matched very closely to the cars interior. Everyday use is far less of a hassle than that experienced trying to sandwich the window between loose towels... and looks a hell of a lot better. All in all, I'm pleased.

I leave the protector in place when the top is up. It doesn't detract at all from the car's overall appearance. Price was right too.

Reviewed by: Charlie Mayer -

Does what it's supposed to do. Snaps allign well with those on my '97M. Color is a good match with the vinyl door panels, a little darker than the carpet or seats. Heavy padding, I expect it will hold up to weight of top. As others have commented on this type of product, you gotta keep it, and the window clean!

Received (in Phila. 'burbs) the day after I ordered it, via FedEx, during the UPS strike.

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