Axius Glove Box Organizer

Reviewed by: Eric Amador -

Vinyl organizer for glovebox.

I just bought this $7.99 product from Pep Boys and am delighted with it. It is soft vinyl that's quite similar to leather (it's called "KalfSkyn" (tm)), and it has all the right slots and holders to keep a tire gauge (even my beefy round gauge), registration, evidence of insurance, pens, coins, maps, and various cards. It folds up and velcro keeps it closed. It's black and fits perfectly in my 1.6's glovebox, keeing everything tidy and secure.

For those of us who want everything in its place, this is an excellent small investment of surprisingly high quality. If there's no Pep Boys near you, call Axius at 1-888-99-AXIUS and maybe they can direct you to a store that carries it.

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