Brainstorm Vinyl Sill Protectors W/Logo

[9/22/2000] Reviewed by Mike Prevost -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Vinyl non skid type door sill protector.

Very easy to install. They look stock when installed. However, the Miata logo came off on the first day. It just peeled off on its own.

It is a pretty good product overall but don't expect the logo to last.

Reviewed by: Christopher H. Robertson -

Vinyl door-sill protectors w/ logo, adhesive backing.

Excellent product to prevent damaging the door sills! Easy to install: remove the (4) screws on each of the door sill molding strips, remove the adhesive backing strip, and press-on. Couple of tips on installing these. First, clean the door sills, touch-up chipped paint, and wax before installing. Second, determine where you want the sills to rest before you remove the backing (for obvious reasons). Third, press from the top of the protector to the bottom while installing, not side to side. This prevents bubbles under the protector. I am very pleased with how these protectors look!!! Give a professional looking appearance to the sill molding and the door sill itself. Plus you don't have to look at the scratches anymore. Will update in a month on how they are holding up.

BSP provided great service during the order.

Reviewed by: Mike Bolton -

Door sill protectors sold by Brainstorm item 40A.

Very good product. These differ from other that I have seen in magazines in that they are notpre-fromed to fit the sill. Rather they are of a non-skid vinyl tape material. Installation is as easy as applying a decal. You have to remove the moulding at the bottom of the door, line up peel the backing tape and apply evenly. The tape is wide enough that it folds over the front of sill. Looks very custom and I prefer it to the molded units. Even has a choice color for Miata logo on black base color.

Very easy to install, looks great, price is reasonable, should last forever. Don't have to be removed every year like the formed plastic units I've seen for rust inspection.

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