Chrome door handles

[7/5/2000] Reviewed by Gerard Su -

Applicable to '99 +

Replacement interior door opening handles

Excellent. Easy to fit, very high quality, all the fittings. Looks well.

Instructions on how to remove door panels would have been handy. There is a screw under a piece of foam in the door pull that is easily missed. Asked for 2 sets, 1 for me, 1 for friend as well as some other gear. Order arrived missing one set. Phoned up, got a "No probs" response and the 2nd set was with me within a week. Excellent service. Recommend product and company.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[4/24/2000] Reviewed by Matthew Tucker -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 +

This is a set of two (would be kind of pointless to get just one don't ya' think?) chrome door handles that I purchased from Finish Line.

Well, I was a bit concerned at first on just how to install them as I'm just learning about how to work on my car. I went to the Garage section and found the instructions on how to remove the door panels correctly under the section for the 99' Keyless entry section because the new items shipped w/o instructions. The insturctions on the site were bang on and I had the panels off in just a few minutes with a few turns of the screwdriver, a few pops of the push pins (be careful when removing (I used the tip of my swiss army knife's scissors so that I could get a good V to pry them off w/o damaging them)), and a few pops of the panel buttons. Then I just removed the OEM parts taking care not to damage them just in case I ever need them again, and it was very straightforward how to align the latches to make sure they lock correctly (it's easiest to align them with the door in the locked position). All in all a VERY quick mod and can easily be reversed in a matter of minutes.

They look great themselves. I'm still trying to reacclimate to all the added chrome (chrome A/C rings, brake button, door handles, & polished pistol grip voodoo knob) in my car but it does look great. I think the best reason to go w/ the chrome ones over the OEM ones is that the OEM ones feel a bit cheep (b/c it's plastic afterall) almost like they might brake (I know it's not too likely though). I would easily reccomend it. Looks great in my 10AE. [Also available for the M1 I do believe.]

Under 5 minutes to remove

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