Clubboose Bike Rack

Reviewed by: Alan Dahl -

Custom bicycle rack for the Miata. Consists of two parts, a hitch-like part that permanently attaches to your Miata and a second removable bike rack (and golf club rack if you order that option) that attaches to the hitch. Price $279.95.

Bought one of these back in 1995. On the first trip the rack's clamping system broke and spilled my bike on the freeway at 55 mph (luckily the damage was minor). One examination it was obvious that the clamp system was inadequately built (the clamp was just too flimsy) and in addition even if it had not broken my guess is at some point the bike would have some loose as a result of the extreme up and down motion of the rack and the lack of positive location of the bike on the rack (it just sits on two straight tubes with very small indentations with only the clamp holding it).

I called AMFM (the manufacturer) many times over the course of the next year. They admitted that their design was inadequate and several times said that I would be sent a replacement redesigned rack. Unfortunately despite their claims nothing ever was sent. After a while I came to the conclusion that they never planned on sending me anything, they just kept making up stories that the new rack was "in design" or "almost ready" or "being powder coated". I finally gave up after a year and ate the $250 I spent. Now I have the broken remains of the rack hanging from the wall of my garage. I figure at some point I'll try using their rack as a starting point and modify it to really work.

These people are BAD NEWS. Stay away from them at all costs! There are many good racks available out there, don't waste your money with this one! If I had not thought they had gone out of business after they stopped advertising in Miata Magazine I would have asked Vince to reject their ads. Now that they are back (in issue II 1997) I will probably do so.

On the rack itself I found the following specific problems:

Score: 1/2 * on a scale of 1-4 *'s

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