Cool Breeze

Cool Breeze scoop

[7/20/2008] Reviewed by: Evan Bedford -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

The scoop is designed to take air flowing over the windshield and direct it to the driver's and passenger's feet. It attaches to the windshield top when the rag-top is folded down. It's a small, robust item that didn't cost much. There's a small screen to filter out bugs before they hit your knees.

It works better than I would've thought. Even in city driving at 50 kph (30 mph) a substantial breeze is noticeable.

Combined with a Moss Motors dash mat (to stop radiative heat from the dash) it makes driving on a hot day bearable.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Cool Breeze

[4/3/2007] Reviewed by: Joel R. -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

This is a well made product that goes on the windshield header to direct cool air into the footwells.

I have an aftermarket lighted mirror that is not compatiable with the Cool Breeze it extends back into the area that the scoop takes up. They are both great products and I would hate not to use either one. I may end up taking the lighted mirror of during the months I use the Cool Breeze. Just wanted others to know about this compatability issue.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Cool Breeze Scoop

[6/22/2006] Reviewed by: Tink Wilkinson -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

A fabricated plastic wind scoop that fits over the header, held in place by the groove in the header gasket and with two velcro like discs. The product is designed to channel/funnel air from the header into the notoriously hot foot wells of a Miata.

I was an early purchaser of the scoop and have now had it on my car for about a month. The scoop is impressive in the amount of air that is channeled into the footwells. There is a constant supply of fresh air that keeps the footwell supplied with fresh air and as a result the footwell is not as hot. The amount of air of course is dependent upon speed. Sufficient air is provided at say 25MPH to make a differenc and at highway speeds there is not so much as to create a "wind". The only drawback I have discovered is during light rain. The scoop will channel rain into the car and will have to removed during a light rain when the top might not be up.

Easy on - says 10 seconds; easy off - say 5 seconds. Having the scoop makes the difference between a top up with a/c and a top down day for me in the middle of the day with the hot summer on the Gulf Coast.

Not an installed item

Cool Breeze Air Scoop

[6/7/2006] Reviewed by: Icehawk -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Black polycarbonate device that latches onto the header to direct airflow into the cockput.

Well my testing of the device concluded today and I'm ready to give some feedback on it if anyone is curious. As mentioned in the original big thread the parts came nicely packaged, the install takes 10 seconds, yadda yadda. The real question is, does it work?

First off, the short answer is yes. At speeds as low as 5mph a strong breeze can be felt coming out of the scoop aimed roughly at the shift lever.

I used mine exclusively with an Oris windblocker and sadly, due to a mishap you can read about below, did not get a chance to try "full wind" mode. I used it off and on for roughly two weeks in temps from mid 70s in the mid 80s with high humidity, both with the A/C on and off. Speeds up to ~70mph. Windows up and down. Yup, I tried every combo I could to see how it works.

Overall the device works well and will direct a steady flow of air over the center console and mostly the leg closest to the tranny tunnel.

There are some things that may or may not be an issue, first it directs wind. If you don't like getting a strong current of air then you will not be pleased. Perhaps this is obvious but I figure it should be mentioned . Also keep in mind it blows whatever air is around at you - if you are in AZ it might not be super pleasant to get blasted with 110deg air, I dunno. On the hottest/muggiest/sunniest drive I did opt to run without it due to type of air being delivered. It also introduces some additional wind noise at higher speeds, I wouldn't say it is objectionable since at highway speeds there is already so much wind noise it doesn't really matter but it was localizable to the unit.

I found the CBAS most useful at city speeds where I could keep from running the A/C except when stopped most of the time, it can't help cut the humidity much so on the nastier days I ran the A/C full time. I've always been a "windows down" kinda guy so the additional airflow is enjoyable. For highway use I am not positive I like it, unfortunately I never got a chance to do a long highway drive with it. Keep in mind I run a windblocker, and one reason is to help calm the cockpit at speed and the CBAS runs a bit counter to this goal. I suspect that it might introduce a bit of fatigue with the increase in airflow and noise as well. I'll admit that all week I've been kinda thinking that I wouldn't use it on the highway when...

Yup, I'm an idiot . I don't have a scoop anymore. Mine is somewhere on the MacArthur Causeway when it flew off this am. Why? I didn't use the bottom tabs to properly secure the device. I've had the car a good 10-20mph faster than when it came off so I honestly don't think it is a fault in the device itself but my failure to use all of its retention mechanisms. Grr.

The upside? I got to instantly notice the difference in airflow at highway speeds. And I missed it! What I noticed right away was that my legs and right arm weren't getting airflow anymore, with the turbulent cockpit of the Miata I had been having trouble really pulling the CBAS's contribution out. I think I've changed my mind and would use this happily all the time

This product has got to kick butt for autocrossers - I didn't get to use it at an event but considering the fact that it works quite well at speeds from 25-40mph quite well and you can't (well I wouldn't!) run your A/C during a run and this seems like a sure win. I guess the weenies might complain about the extra drag but at least they can't about the weight!

Do I have any suggestions? Well, sorta. Perhaps a flapper device that would allow some control over the airflow direction might be useful, if more complicated to design and expensive to produce. As-is you can shift the unit around a bit on the header (those without visors can move it anywhere I'd think) for a little control over the airflow location. I definitely think the current pricepoint is fair and wouldn't want to see it rise much as it takes away some of the ease of the impulse buy

The CBAS would also look pretty cool painted or vinyl'd I'd bet. Wonder how long before an owner posts pics of one?

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