Da'Lan receiver hitch/Performance Xpress bike rack

[6/16/2001] Reviewed by: John Daeschner - alabecas@juno.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

The Dalan receiver hitch is a well made bolt-on hitch requiring no modification of the car or removal of any parts. Comes with all mounting hardware and zinc plated draw bar, nicely painted, quick and easy to install, and a perfect fit.

Purchased from Performance Buyers Club for $169 + $12 shipping; a bargain. U-Haul wanted $203 for the hitch alone, no draw bar and no installation. The Dalan hitch is very well made with quality black paint and a perfect fit. Bolts perfectly to existing holes using 7/16" hardware (two bolts per side.) The nuts have a length of wire welded to them so that they can be inserted inside the structure of the car and lined up with the bolts. The wires can be bent and shaped to better position the nuts - a good idea and a nice touch. Installation tool about 30 minutes without jacking up the car. As a nice touch, the draw bar is made with a hollow square tube rather than solid bar stock, lightening the part. To my relief, no trimming of the rear bumper was required. This installation is totally reversible and will leave no evidence.

I am well satisfied with the product. The Miata is hardly a suitable tow vehicle, I intend to tow a Laser 2 sail boat. Boat and trailer total weigh only about 300-350 lbs, so not much of a load. My only complaint is that the hitch is over built - it could tow a load far is excess of anything that should be pulled with the car. Rather than a 2000 lbs hitch I would have preferred a 1000 lbs. hitch, possibly made of aluminum and weighing about half as much. I would have paid more for a lighter part.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Chip Weldon - chip_weldon@vanguard.com

Receiver type bike rack and corresponding receiver hitch

Perfect solution to combined Mountain Bike/Miata addiction. The mount is extremly stable, the bikes don't come close to the car, and it's nearly invisible when the rack is removed. Putting the rack on and off is a 3 minute exercize.

The hitch is a minor job to install (30-45 minutes). Overall, it's the best soultion I believe you can find. Total cost @ $200

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