DG Motorsports carbon fiber M2 door panels

[7/15/2004] Reviewed by: Howard Cunningham - hlcunningham@earthlink.net

Applicable to: '99 +

DG Motorsports, Oceanside, CA, http://www.dgmotorsports.com/processtype.asp?ProductID=50-63-1131 offers carbon fiber door panels for the M2 Miata. The panels are black carbon fiber with a clearcoat. The door pull is molded in where the map pocket is on the stock panels. They allow more knee room between the steering wheel and door. The price with shipping works out approximately $550 and require about 3 weeks. In order to install the panels, you will destroy the stock panels so beware.

I was expecting a 'bolt-on' part but that is not the case. While the panels are nicely finished and well made, I had to: 1. Cut holes in carbon fiber for speakers. I scratched the clearcoata bit. 2. Cut precise opening (grind and fit) for door latch. 3. Destroy stock door panel cutting out large speaker grille. 4. Remove tweeter grille from stock panel. 5. Remove decorative insert from stock door panel. 6. Drill 3 precise blind holes in new panels to accept plastic fasteners used to attach stock panels. After a few hours of cutting and grinding, the panels 'bolted on'. The top edge of the new panels did not look completely finished so I added black plastic door edge guard material to add on ($25 and difficult to locate). When it was all done the new panels look great. I now have more knee room between the steering wheel and door. They rattle a bit when you close the door.

DG Motorsports carbon fiber door panels look great. They allow increased knee room between sterring wheel and door for the tall driver. Installation is not for the 'faint of heart' - this is NOT a bolt-on. You need to cannibalize parts from the stock panels so there is no 'going back'.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

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