Hayame Carbon Fiber Pedal pads

[7/16/2005] Reviewed by: Keith Kimble - kjkmd@aol.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

Carbon fiber (black) pedal covers. Generic--said to fit most Japanese cars. Available for either manual or automatic. Four pedal set for manual with gas, brake, clutch, and dead pedal. Japanese company, made in Korea.

Just installed. Gas, brake, and clutch all mount with four clips that are secured thru pre-drilled holes in the new pedal pad with Philips head bolts that thread thru nut on clip. Old rubber pedal pads can be removed (I did) or not. No drilling of pedals required. Takes maybe 20 minutes. Shape seems to fit 1993 Miata pedal curvature well, and clips (at least initially) seem to hold pads securely. Dead pedal is most easily mounted by drilling two small holes thru OEM plastic dead pedal (easy) and securing pad with supplied screws (easy) or clips held by bolt and nut (looks tough--difficult access).

Pedals are a little bigger than stock, but I have no problem at all with footroom. Look is subdued (compared with aluminum) but classy to my eye, and complements my other CF bits and pieces. Install was easy (compared with drill-on types) and secure (lots of complaints about clip-on types out there). Directions pretty worthless (typical poorly translated Japanese--but humorous if nothing else), but how to do it is pretty obvious. Finish isn't the greatest (but not bad either), but suspected they'll get scuffed up fast anyway. Check internet or eBay for vendors--I got good price/service from Dimension Racing.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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