KG Works Door Rings

KG Works chrome door pulls

[5/22/2004] Reviewed by: Harry Beck -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Chrome plated door pulls to replace the black oblong/circular pulls. There is also a chrome lock button. I got the DIY kit wherein you dismantle the existing door mechanisms and replace the stock black parts with the new chrome items. Purchased from the good folks at RSpeed.

It says easy to install, and it is reasonably easy once you've done one, but the first one was good for some head scratching. This is mostly because the "instructions" are pretty useless - the pictures are small, low resolution, and all text is in Japanese. What isnít apparent is that you will be removing your door panel and removing and disassembling the latch mechanism. You will have to study the door release and lock rod attachments to the latch mechanism before removal. The original door pull pivots on two rivets. You need to drill or Dremel these out. For the new pull KG supplies new pins that are secured with little c-clips - very tidy. Space limitations prevent me from describing the entire process Ė email me if you like.

I was a little worried that the chrome plated plastic would be cheap or weak, but I needn't have - it is very substantial - the original is plastic afterall - and the chrome is very smooth and hard. As expected it looks very classy. I also have the KG chrome trim that covers the rim of the cup - altogether very very attractive. An unexpected and very pleasant surprise is how nicely the new pulls work - it is just so natural to hook your finger over the new pull and open the door - I don't know if you get more leverage or what, but it opens so much more smoothly - just feels more solid. At $139 this little kit isn't cheap, but if you're looking for that little extra something for your interior, and something you handle every time you drive, you will love it. I have never yet met a KG Works part I didn't like.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

KG Works Door Opener Rings (Chrome) #808-020

[12/11/2000] Reviewed by: Steve Haymaker -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Chrome rings which attach to the perimeter of the M1 interior door cups

I ordered this product, along with a black "independent look" dash panel from R-Speed, retail $69.95, on sale for $59.95. Shipping was prompt and I received both in good condition within one week. This is a very simple straightforward installation using silicone sealant/bond.

I wanted to add a bit of chrome to the doors to match my Voodoo knob & brake lever and other chrome additions to my all-black interior. Unlike some others I have seen which sit behind & surround the door cups, these nicely-finished rings attach directly to the outside face of the OEM door cups. The fit is so good that they actually snap over the edges of the cups. A small amount of glue will hold them in place. They really dress up the plain door panel and appear to be upmarket OEM.

A nice design; pricey, but flawless.

Steve Haymaker Santa Rosa CA

Under 5 minutes to remove

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