K.G. Works Classic Style Mirror Stainless Steel 89-95

[5/15/2000] Reviewed by Steve Spera - steve_spera@fmi.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

K.G. Works Classic Style rear view mirror - a replacement for the stock, black-plastic mirror, and an update to those with a Racing Beat Type-V roll bar. Ordered from R-speed, PN 808-050 ($109.95).

This mirror solves the problem for those that have (or are considering installing) a Racing Beat Type-V roll bar. With the stock mirror, the bar blocks about 20% of the view (even with all the silly little mirror washers installed). Because the K.G. mirror hangs about 2-inches lower than the stock mirror, and is slightly narrower, the bar is all but invisible in the rear view - no obstruction. But best of all, the K.G. mirror looks orders of magnitude cooler than the stock unit. Also, I find the annoying vibration-blur with the stock mirror is gone with the K.G. piece. A really nice, well made mirror even if you don't have a roll bar in your rear view. One item of note, however, the K.G. mirror doesn't "flip" for night, rear headlight glare. I haven't found to be a problem though, I just move the mirror a bit if the glare gets too bad.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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