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October 1996 Product of the Month

[2/26/2002] Reviewed by: Ross Rudolph -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Lumbar Support for seat

This came with no instructions. Installation goes like this: it can be installed in either seat. If you look at the lowest panel of upholstery on the font of your seat, you will see it is attached at the top and bottom, but not the sides. This allows the lumbar support to be slipped in between the panel. You want the inlet for the air bladder to face down and be closest to the console. I attached/secured the pump with some small black nylon zip ties for extra security. Run the pump line along the seat and let the pump/bulb rest on the floor when not in use.

This does work well. However, I noticed a similar model in Griots Garage ( which I may try next. It seems larger and plugs into your lighter outlet as it is heated. It appears to use the same pump and is $100.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[4/7/2000] Reviewed by Evan Samett -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Inflatable Miata seat lumbar support cushion

I bought support on sale(!) from Moss Motors. It arrived w/o instructions. Fortunately I had seen the web posting and was able to install myself. Mr. Lewis emailed me the instructions w/in 24 hrs.

I tried to do a 90 second install on the way to work and kinked the tubing. After work I took three more minutes to adjust the position and routed the tubing behind and around the seat as recommended. I placed cushion a few inches from the bottom of the seat back as recommended.

Although I have spent only a few minutes in the car since, there is a night and day difference in comfort. I had avoided driving my '91 the last few summers due to "old man back" which my Miata has given me for about 4 years. Aftermarket lumbar cushions worked poorly.

 Well constructed product. I expect good durability. As with everything sold for Miatas I wish it cost less. But I expect full satisfaction with the product.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Thomas Pannenbaecker -

The product basically is an inflatable "rubber mat" with attached hose and "inflation bulb" that goes into the back of the seat to improve support to the lower back of the driver/passenger.

Ordering via e-mail was a breeze and the replies weree informative and quick. Shipping to Europe was fast and not too expensive. The first impression is that of a very heavy duty product. I immediately trusted it would not "explode" under the considerable weight of my body. Installation was a 10 minute affair for both sides. After havin used the product for several weeks I am recommending it to anyone who feels he/she could use a better/firmer seatback. My back problems are greatly reduced even after long drives. This solution is obviously superior to the stuff-an-old-towel-into-the-seatback solution

Im glad I found and bought this product - although the price is a little bit on the high side

Reviewed by: Jack Phelps -

Inflatable lumbar support. Manual inflation via rubber bulb and tube.

Love the interior of my '99 leather interior, but my bad ol' back needs a bit of extra support in the lumbar area. I ordered the item from Lewis via the net and received shipping confirmation the next day(Friday). The product arrived by priority mail on Monday. Great service! Instructions were simple and concise--almost too easy to be true! Actual installation took about two minutes and everything fell into place easily. The support slipped behind the middle seat panel easily and the only part of the installation visible was the inflator bulb. The support is adjustable by squeezing the bulb to inflate the bladder and can be deflated by a bleeder valve on the bulb. It provides excellent support and will remain inflated for days! Though it is not permanently attached to the seat itself, it has shown no signs of moving out of position.

This product looked too good to be true, but the product review on was positive, so I decided to try it. Shipping was prompt. Workmanship and materials were first-rate. Installation was simple. The product performed exactly as advertised. What more could you want?

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