OEM Wood Dash Trim

[3/21/2004] Reviewed by: Shawn Uschmann - uschmann@ptialaska.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Mazda OEM Wood Dash kit.

Under 30 minutes to complete, this was a simple install.

The 3M tape used to affix the kit to the existing dash really works (I was skeptical). Purchased from Finish Line for $149 on sale. After adding the Nardi wood shift knob and e-brake handle to my base 95, the dash upgrade kit really looks sharp. The Nardi steering wheel upgrade's all that remains!

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Mazda Wood Interior Trim

[9/6/2003] Reviewed by: Tom Miro - TMiro3438@aol.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Simulated burled wood interior trim for NB Miatas.

Excellent fit and finish. Really livens up the interior of the Miata. Especially attractive when combined with a new Brain Storm leather shift boot and Voodoo shoft knob. Don't buy this from your local dealer! Prices in the Tidewater were 200 plus! Got a great price ($164) from the Mazda dealer who advertises on the Marketplace. 2003 parts are a perfect fit for 2001 on.

After reading reviews highlighting the difficulty other owners were having removing the cigar lighter from the center panel, I braced for the worst, but discovered removal was easy, painless, and non destructive if you simply dissassembled the lighter housing. A small nut on the connector side will allow you to remove the power plug and its allied parts. At that pont, all that's required is steady pressure with the heel of your hand on the remaining stanless sleeve from the back of the unit to remove it from the trim piece. Once the sleeve is out, the orange plastic light ring pops out easily. Reverse these steps on the new panel for reassembly. Painless!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Mazda (OEM) Wood grain Dash Kit

[3/2/2003] Reviewed by: Andrew Thomas - athomas@zoom-zoom.info

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

The Mazda supplied 2 piece simulated wood dash kit.

Excellent fit and finish. Instructions were for the 99-00 model years and didn't include details on the airbag switch found on the 01+ Miata's. Once you get the old trim loose it's obvious how to remove the electrical connector and the switch itself. Still it would have been nice to have the additional detail.

The kit makes the car feel a bit more upscale, particularly with the factory wood shift knob. A worthwhile upgrade.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

[3/6/2002] Reviewed by: William Adams - wearl50@uk-alumni.org

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Replaces black trim around shifter, A/C, radio, CD, etc

Many thanks to the reviewers above. It took two of us about 45 minutes to install - the biggest difference between the manufacturer's instructions and the advice above is that no one mentioned the passenger airbag key switch and that it must be unplugged in order to remove the original black dash product. It must be unplugged just like the cig lighter, but it did make us feel quite uneasy about doing it. Everything seems to work after being put back together. (Removing the cig lighter/ring from the original dash took considerable physical effort and knife work.)

It looks great! Much better than the black trim.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

[12/26/2001] Reviewed by: Robert Mondshine - rmondshine@houston.rr.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Two piece OEM Mazda Burled Wood grain console dash kit. The pieces replace the front panel and console panels surrounding the radio and A/C controls and shifter boot. They are plastic simulated burled wood replacements of the the original black ones. I assume that these are the exact ones seen on the 2001 models.

Installation is easy with a flathead, #2 phillips screwdriver and pocket knife. The instructions are accurate but could provide some more information. After removing the 5 screws, the front of the console must snap up out of place. This required some force. Keep the new pieces on hand for reference on where the snaps are located. This helps identifying where to pry. The piece surrounding the radio area requires prying as well. I first removed the two thin plastic pieces on the side of the radio and the two thin plastic pieces on the side of the A/C controls using the pocket knife. This gave better access to the snaps and provided a prying surface that one would not worry about scratching with the flathead screwdriver. Remove starting from the bottom. The cirgarette lighter is tight fitting. The socket itself pushes out forward from the back and then the ring retainer comes out. Force is required to get the socket to slide out.

Overall, this is an easy installation and took me 45 minutes. This is a much better choice than the aftermarket glued on trim. The fit is fantastic and the enhanced look is even better. I strongly recommend you compliment it with the matching OEM Nardi shift knob. The knob feels great on the hand and adds a finishing touch.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

[1/24/2001] Reviewed by: Belle Harper - belletrist@worldnet.att.net

Applicable to: '99 +

This product is Mazda's simulated burled wood dash and console kit for the M2 Miata.

The kit comes in two pieces that fit around the stereo and lighter console and the shifter surround. These pieces replace the black plastic factory pieces and are not glued onto the original console/dash as are other wood dash kits. The kit is an attractive medium burled wood that comes with a Mazda warranty for the life of the vehicle.

The instructions included with the M2 kit were for the 1991 and 2000 Miata, so there were some slight differences when installing the kit to the 2001. Rather than being five screws to remove the center console, for example, there were only four. The instructions didn't specify that after removing the screws, you have to snap the console away from the dash. The lighter did not come out of the factory dash in the 2001 as easily as the directions said it would in the '99 and '00, so we had to cut the lighter assembly out of the factory piece. Even so, the entire removal of the old dash and installation of the new one took less than 30 minutes using flat-head and Phillips screwdrivers. The dash looks very attractive and it provides some peace of mind knowing it is a continuous piece surrounding the dash, not just glued on.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[1/31/2000] Reviewed by Joe Doolittle - jdoolit@ns.net

Applicable to '99 +

This is a two piece OEM Mazda Wood grain dash kit. The pieces replace the front panel and console panels.

Upon opening the package containing the two pieces I was a disappointed at the two small plastic pieces. Don't be taken back - put 'em in. After getting these pieces installed I was amazed at what a great improvement this has made to the cockpit.

The instructions were generally well written and easy to follow. The only improvement I would make is when they describe pulling the center console free. After removing the five screws that hold the colsole im place, you have to grab the sides of the front of the console (on opposite sides of the shifter), and give it a good pull. This was not explained, and led to me surfing threads for help. Overall this is a tremendous improvement to the looks of the interior. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (even though it is cosmetic only).

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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