MM Marketing Dual Cup Holder

[10/25/2000] Reviewed by Craig Moritz -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Two hole cup holder

This product consists ONLY of a plastic replacement top for your factory ashtray and two cheap circular covers.

Cheaply made, outrageously priced ($29.99), messy to install (who wants to mess with an old ashtray?!?). It doesn't even work that well because of the slope in the front part of the ashtray. I returned it! DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS ONE!

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Lawrence Hill -

I thought I was buying an entire cup holder unit to replace the OEM cupholder in the console but it was instead a cover that was designed to fit on the base of the OEM ashtray (glad I had kept it). Cover is an attractive design.

I was surprised to see that this was a cover only and was designed to go with the OEM ashtray base. I saw no mention of this in the ad. I was glad that I had decided to keep the ashtray after replacing it with the OEM cup holder. Once the cover is installed (fairly easy to do) and placed in the car, it is much more attractive than the OEM cupholder although it's functionality is very limited (cans only). I use an expandable cup holder for my "real" drinks and the MM Marketing Cup Holder serves as an interior cosmetic improvement only.

Glad to have it. Drinks are too awkward behind the shifter anyway. Go with the expandable cup holder if you want a safe place to put your drink.

Reviewed by: Chris Key -

This product, to my surprise, is only a plastic replacement top for the existing ashtray. It has two holes each with its own round plastic cover. Installation requires removing the top of the ashtray and fitting the MM Marketing piece in its place using four supplied screws.

First of all, I never expected to get only a new top for my ashtray for $20. However, on the upside this cupholder does look much nicer in place than any other cupholders I have seen. On the downside though, this cupholder cannot hold anything with a bigger diameter than a can. And then what do you do with the little plastic covers. I mostly use mine for storage since I don't drink all that often in the car and I like the idea that it discourages people from smoking in the car. Installation is not as easy as it sounds. Removing the top of the ashtray itself only requires removing the four screws which hold it in place. Removing the little cigarette holder is a little more difficult. It requires prying up the little tabs that are holding it in place. I found this rather difficult to do without breaking them or scratching the paint severely (this is only mentioned for other particular types who might plan on using their original ashtray at the classic Miata show fifty years from now), but with patience it can be done. The hardest part is actually screwing the new cupholder top on the ashtray. I could not find an easy way to do this. The supplied are difficult to start and I ended up having to use my thumbnail as the screwdriver since I could not find any way to hold the tiny screws in place while applying the necessary force required to get them started with a regular screwdriver, even a jeweler's type.

Prior to installing this product I was using the Mazda cupholder. My conclusion is that while the MM Marketing cupholder is a much nicer looking product, the Mazda cupholder is much more practical for actually holding drinks. The Mazda cupholder has bigger holes and features a removable spill tray instead of using the ashtray as base. In addition the Mazda cupholder comes with an adapter for holding large cups, such as coffee mugs, etc. For storage the MM Marketing cupholder wins hands down, unless you're comparing it to the ashtray, in which case it's a draw. Overall, I have to admit I am very disappointed with this product. From a cost vs. usability standpoint, it just doesn't work for me.

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