MM Marketing between the seats pocket

[1/6/2002] Reviewed by: Gene Mallard -

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A pouch that is held in place by the tonneau snaps and hangs between the seats

I returned it for credit

Need I say more

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Cecil Park -

A storage pouch that snaps to the "already installed" snaps between the seats above the armrest. Once it's installed, it's too tight to hold much of anything.

It's a great idea but the product lacks some sort of "stretch" material in the front panel to allow it to expand so as to accept more items and to allow easier access to its insides.

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Drake -

Uses the 3 buttons to provide storage between the seats

1. The pocket is too long, if it hangs naturally, it covers the lock on the console. I have is slid behind the console.

2. This is more annoying. The snaps are place to far apart, resulting in the vinyl being bunched up between the snaps. UGH!

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