MM Marketing's Rear Window Protector

[11/23/2002] Reviewed by: Steve T. -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Tan Rear Window Pocket Protector

Perfect fit and perfect color match to M1 leather interor. It has not shrunk and provides great protection for a delicate window. It does blow up at the back edge if you try and drive around with the window unzipped and stored, but the top up.

A must for any M1 Miata to get years out of your back window.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[3/29/2000] Reviewed by Brandon Craig -

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

This product snaps into place and covers your soft top when it is folded down and the hard top is on. It enables you to place items on the rear shelf without fear of damaging the plasic window, and it eliminates the fading that could be caused by sunlight pouring in through the wimdow of your hard top.

I love it! It works great when my hard top is on, but as an added bonus, it makes a great alternative boot when you go top down in the summertime. It doesn't look as sporty as the OEM boot, but it's extremely easy to manage when you put the top up; no need to unsnap it. Just raise the top and the boot will lie down on the rear shelf (protecting carpet!). It comes in black or tan, nylon ($39) or vinyl ($49).

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Paul de Bakker -

Black vinyl protector for the rear window.

I am completely satisfied. I had read in some of the product reviews on this page that people were having trouble with mismatched spacing between the snaps. I had no such trouble. The protector that was sent to me (it was delivered on the day I was promised it would) fit perfectly. It looks fine. The black vinyl is a very close match to the factory interior vinyl. I think it is a good and useful product.

I am a new customer of Miata Marketing. I'm happy so far.

Reviewed by: Bill Meyer -

Vinyl window protector in a choice of colors, black or tan, with a felt lining used to protect the rear plastic window with the top folded down.

I ordered the product through MM Marketing and it was delivered within days. My order came in a tan color that is not an exact match to the leather interior of my '95 M Edition, but not that far off to dictate a reject. The installation involves no more than snapping the protector onto the existing snaps that hold the convertible top boot in place. The double sided snaps on the window protector allow the use of the boot in the future. Unfortunately, the snaps on the window protector did not line up very well, making for a poor installation fit. The snaps on the window protector measured 8 inches on center while the snaps on the rear deck measured anywhere from 8 and 1/4 inches to 7 and 5/8 inches. A call to the MM Marketing customer service person (Bruny) with my problem was immediately taken care of. They have recognized many of these protectors as not fitting correctly with the odd - on center - measurements of the factory installed snaps from Mazda. They offered to pay for the return shipping of the window protector and asked that I send a template with accurate measurements from my existing snaps and they will have a new window protector made to my specifications at no extra charge. I expect the new item in the mail within a few weeks.

Make sure that when you order this part from any of the mail order companies selling them that you first measure your rear deck snaps, and if they are not all equal on center measurements you will need to tell the sales person this. This will probably require you to send them a template as noted above in order to guarantee a part that will fit on the first try.

Reviewed by: Ric Allan -

Lined vinyl sandwich with snaps along one side, used to protect rear window when top is down.

The product installed easily and had female and male snaps on opposite sides so boot could still be used. Spacing between snaps was less than perfect but acceptable. Width (front to back) seemed excessive but everyday use (I put the top up while parked at work) would seem to indicate that the geometry involved with placing top edge of window against the inside seam requires every bit of width supplied.

I installed mine on a 97M. The tan material matched very closely to the cars interior. Everyday use is far less of a hassle than that experienced trying to sandwich the window between loose towels... and looks a hell of a lot better. All in all, I'm pleased.

UPDATE of review

After 13 months and 28000 miles, the exterior of the protector is holding up very well. Still matches the interior better than the top does. The lining of the protector, however, is another matter. About a month ago, I noticed some tears developing inthe liner. They started in the area where the embossing on the lower passenger side corner of th back window is. Seemed predictable as this area of the window is ROUGH. Since then though, the remainder of the lining has started to disintigrate. It's too lightweight a material and NOT acceptable.

When getting a window protector, inspect the lining material... lightweight 'ain't gonna cut it. NOT a happy camper.

Reviewed by: Alex Nunez -

This was originally a post to the mailing list, but I thought a wider group of people may be interested as well.

Basically, I am not as thrilled as I had expected to be. Because of the red interior in my car, I ordered a red protector. The color is a bit off, but that was not a huge problem. Also, the button snaps were somewhat misspaced, which annoyed me at first, but have now gotten used to (it does snap into place ok, but the vinyl bulges between some of the snaps). The size and ease of use are perfect. However, you have to be quite careful that dirt and dust stays out of the protector, so it can do its job. This means making sure the window is clean before inserting it. As much as I try, I know dirt is getting in there, and I worry about the long term affects of the dirt/dust rubbing against the window. Also, WRT vinyl v. cloth, the smell of vinyl on hot days was strong at first, but has faded in the past few weeks (admitted a very minor issue of you have the top down). The bottom line is that it is a bit more convenient and looks better than a towel. However, functionally, 2 towels serve the same purpose.

Reviewed by: David Heal -

Vinyl with soft cloth interior to cushion and protect rear plastic window when the top is down.

Quality and function of the product are satisfactory. When I received the first cover, the snap buttons on the cover did not exactly match the snap buttons on my car's rear shelf. I suspect this was the result of normal manufacturing deviations from car to car. The result was unsightly material bulges between the snaps. I suggested and MM Marketing gladly offered to ship me a cover WITHOUT the snap buttons installed. They provided me with a complete set of snap button hardware for me to install using my own standard pop rivet gun. It worked GREAT! Now I have a taut, well fitting cover.

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