Moss Motors Center Console Pad

Reviewed by: Tyra Pierce -

A leather pad that attaches to the center cosole storage lid.

I recently installed the Mosss Motors Leather Armrest Pad in my 1992 Miata. I'm very pleased with the product, and the installation was relatively simple. Unless a person has trouble peeling the backing off of Velcro strips, there shouldn't be many problems.

The main reason that I wanted to write a review on this product is that by installing the armrest, I also solved two problems at once. First, the door on the storage bin in the console is rock hard, and I had actually brused my elbow getting in and out of the car. After installing the pad, I realized that in order to have my arm resting on the leather pad, I had to slightly twist my body clockwise. Solving this problem was simple. I relocated the velcro forward about an inch and a half so that it was extended over the door which now lets me rest my elbow comfortabbly while driving and shifting. I have short arms, and this has greately improved my comfort! And it looks great!

Reviewed by: Bill Meyer -

Leather covered pad for center console

One of the occasional irritating things about the cockpit of our '95 M Edition is the bone hard center console. After living with this nagging discomfort for two years we decided to try out the center console pad as advertised in the catalog. Priced at $29 plus shipping, the leather material seems to be of high quality fit and finish. The foam-like padding is mounted on quarter or three eighths inch plywood and covered by smooth, supple leather. The complete pad is easily mounted on the console by double sided tape which comes with the pad. All you do is clean off the center console with a cleaner like windex or rubbing alcohol, peel back the adhesive and apply firmly. Do it right the first time since the contact patch will diminish in strength if it is removed once applied. The leather and padding bounces back to its original shape very quickly after use. We have both agreed that even though it does not look like a factory styled pad, it provides great elbow comfort for both of us on the road. I certainly would recommend this product as a good alternative to a folded towel or other make shift pad.

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