Moss Luggage Rack

Reviewed by: Darrell L Dacus -

Moss Motors luggage rack, black matte finish

The rack is identical to that of Mazda's and does fit the trunk's curve perfectly. The finish is painted in flat black and has black plastic insert strips (to cover the screws). The directions were way off in that the picture was for a trunk rack with 3 inner strips, but the Miata only comes with two. No "blueprint" nor alignment information comes with the directions. Installation requires drilling six 1/8" and two 1/4" holes (i.e. permanent mounting).

I really like the new look of my Miata. As far as usefull, I bought it for looks, but it looks and feels as if will carry home an extra load from the shopping mall! The installation is probably best left to a professional, but after about 2 hours of measuring, remeasuring, and looking at pictures from the Moss catalogue it came out very nice. For that "touring" look, this product is a sure bet.

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