Moss Motors Rear window protector

Reviewed by: Arno Vos -

Looks good, cheap, buttons lined up well.

One downside: The upper side gets sucked out when driving 200 kmph top-down. This thing flapping behind your back does not look very cool.

Reviewed by: Jonathan Hahn -

After reading reviews about rear window protectors for my new toy, I was unsure as to whether it wouldn't be better to just go with a large beach towel. Problems others have had with rear window protectors include protectors that are so light weight they wrinkle, snaps that don't line up properly with the Miata snaps and poor color match with the Miata interior. (Since my Miata's interior is black I wasn't particularly concerned with the last issue.) Moss was very helpful over the phone and, while the window protector was on backorder, they were able to tell me when they would probably have more available (which ended up being about a week later.) Moss said they would ship the protector "next Friday" and they were true to their word. It arrived on Saturday. (Their west coast facilities are only a few hours from my home.) The product arrived undamaged and I was pleased to find that the snaps lined up perfectly with the snaps on the car. The snaps are double sided so the boot snaps down to the top side of the snap on the window protector. They work well and the protector looks good. Prior to installing the protector, I laid it out flat on the carpet and let the sun coming in the front window "warm-out" the creases in the protector caused by folding it for mailing. It helped. All in all, I am pleased with the window protector (it beats the beach towel I used for the first two weeks -- looks nicer too) Can't beat the Moss price either. I checked other vendors and several had protectors that were significantly more expensive. This is evidently a new product for Moss and I was pleased with the quality as well as the prompt, helpful service. Since they gave me good service the first go around, and since they carry a number of other products I probably can't live without, I will undoubtedly give them ample opportunity in the months ahead to impress me again with their products and service. Like anything else, if they treat me right I will come back for more (and tell my friends). At this point I would recommend both

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