M-Roadster Dual Gauge Pod

Reviewed by: Lee Bohon - topdownmx5@aol.com

This is a dual gauge pod to support two 2" gauges on the driver side windshield pillar. It is very similar to the single pod used with turbo/supercharger kits except that there are two molded together.

Ordering through M-Roadster online is a snap. Just order the parts and they show up in a few days. M-Roadster has some nice products and I will certainly continue to do business with them.

I have mixed feelings about this gauge...

1) Very clean installation. I used the pod to mount by turbo boost gauge and an air/fuel ratio meter. No more loose wires and gauges in the passenger seat.
2) The gauges are both in an area that is easy to see while driving and tuning the car.

1) The upper guage ends up in a position that presents a little bit of a blind spot. When making left hand turns, the gauge is a bit in the way.
2) My upper guage is my a/f ratio meter which lights up with bright LEDs at night. This is a little annoying since the gauge is predominantly in my peripheral vision. I may be able to dim my gauge with the headlights on to make it better. Perhaps a different gauge would be better.

I'm really torn apart as to weather I want to keep the pod or not. My gauges are mounted away in a nice clean area now and are very easy to see, but the upper one is almost too easy... i.e. a little bit in the way. As for alternative locations to mount my a/f ratio meter, I can't come up with any that I like so this may still be the best solution. I think it's a personal preferrence. Pictures of the gauge pod are at my website at: http://members.aol.com/topdownmx5/home1.html

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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