Nakamae seats

[9/13/2004] Reviewed by: Keith Kimble -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

Line of aftermarket seats designed specifically for the Miata. Use stock sliders. Several models available, in vinyl, leather, and other fabrics depending on the model. NA tan is a very close match to factory interior. Seats are very expensive.

Got my T-2's (thinnly padded, lightweight FRP racing shells with NA tan leather covers) about two weeks ago. Installation takes about one hour. You have to remove the stock seats, detach the sliders, mount a supplied adaptor on the new seat, and the stock slider to the adaptor. Seats fit fine without any interior modification.

Backrest angle is fixed. Stock slider operates fully. Bolsters are very aggressive, but my 5'11" 175 pound frame fits fine. Leather is flawless, workmanship impeccable. I find the seats to be very comfortable for day-to day driving, and there is simply no comparison with stock seats when taking curves aggressively. In the stock seats, you slide. In these, you're planted (even with stock three-point belts). I think the seats look great, but that's subjective of course. Ordered mine direct from Japan. Bit of a hassle, but company gave excellent service (including samples of leather and vinyl) and rapid turnaround (seats custom made). Website (in Japanese) is E-mail (Mr. Nakamae) with questions. E-mail me if you want more info.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Nakamae Seats

[11/15/2002] Reviewed by: Scott Shire -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

These are FIA approved race seats made of Nomex with Alcantara wear patches. They are made in Japan exclusively for the Miata. They bolt directly to the factory seat rails, so they slide. As full race seats, they do not recline.

The seats look amazing and provide a huge increase in lateral & lumbar support. The bolsters are intense, so it helps to be pretty slender (incentive to diet, right?). My 90 M1 is my daily driver, and the seats are fine for this purpose.

Unlike any other seats I've tried, (MOMO, Sparco, Corbeau, & MazdaSpeed) the Nakamae's fit perfectly in the Miata. They really do bolt right on, and they're designed to accomodate the bumpy Miata floor. They are very rare and can be quite expensive, but if you find a pair jump all over them!

Under 5 minutes to remove

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