No-Zip Window Protector from Team Miata

[7/7/2001] Reviewed by: chris tran -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

durable tube wrapped in soft material to protect plastic window

smart accessory for those who have the Oris windstop installed. a very simple product; just drop it on the back window, w/o unzipping, before dropping the top.

an essential for the "lazy man's" convertible!

Not an installed item

Reviewed by: Jim Savoy -

This is the simplest of products. A tube wrapped in very soft material that allows you to put the top down without unzipping your plastic window.

The "TUBE" a simple device that eliminates the need to unzip the rear window when you drop the top. I was a bit skeptical but I decided that I would give it a try.

It is essentially a 2-2.5 inch diameter tube that has extremely soft cloth sewn around it. It sits right on the plastic window and forces the window to curve around it, not allowing any creases to form when the top goes down. Additionally, the soft material keeps the tube from scratching the plastic.

This is really convenient for those of us who have opted for a full roll bar installation. Merely unzipping the rear window was a real drag and the window never fit flat because the rear bar supports protruded into the back deck.

I have been running this device in the rear window for 8 weeks now and I really love it. No scratches, creases, folds, or stress  (either for the window or the driver).

Once again, the cleverest ideas are the simple ones. Why someone didn't think of this sooner, I will never know. At $20.00, this is a great add on.

Not an installed item

Reviewed by: Tyra Pierce -

A tube covered by soft fabric that is inserted into the rear window as it folds down to prevent the window from creasing.

When I read about the No-Zip Window Protector on the new products section on the It sounded like a good idea, and when I noticed that the zipper on my white '92 wasn't looking so good, I thought this product was a great idea.

After receiving the window protector, it doesn't take long to figure out that it's a plastic tube covered by a really soft fabric. When I lowered my top, it took a little adjusting to get the protector into place without wrinkling the window.

The only problem that I experienced with the product was that it wasn't long enough to keep my whole back window from creasing. This is definately not Team Miata's fault because I recently had my rear window replaced by a local shop, and the new window is larger than the stock window. The problem was easy to remedy by going to a hardware store, getting another piece of tubing, and using the fabric (which was adequately long enough) to cover the new tube.

I highly recommend this product because it reduces the time it takes to lower and raise the top cosiderably. No more releasing the latches, unzipping the window, lowering the window, using the window protector cover (if the car has one), then lowering the top. And raising the top is even quicker. I realize that twenty smackers is quite a lot for a tube, but it saves that zipper which we all know is not cheap to repair or replace.

Excellent time and window saver.

Not an installed item

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